Two Additional Videos from True Blood’s Season 5 Premiere Night

The True Blood Premiere has certainly given us lots of eye candy of our favorite stars of the show.  It’s been months with very little and now we are almost overwhelmed with goodies. Below are two more videos from Premiere night where we learn a few additional tidbits about the upcoming season.

In the ET video Stephen talks about this year being a very “serious” year on the show. He says that the first episode is like a Juggernaut. Anna also talks about the forthcoming baby and that Sookie’s story has not been re-written because of the pregnancy. Also, some of the cast are asked about Anna as a mother and talk more about the show.

Click on the image to see this video.


And PopSugar also interview the stars on the night. Parents-to-be Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer couldn’t hold back their smiles as they were openly affectionate and neither could the rest of the cast as they spoke about the new addition to the True Blood family.  Stephen Moyer talks a bit about the “bromance” between Bill and Eric.


  1. Love the PopSugar vid! Lots of Team Bill love, and Stephen is adorable. I love how close Steve and Alex are – I am so looking forward to the bromance in season 5.

  2. Thanks for providing. Always a pleasure to get some peeks and hints about the upcoming season, to see the cast and hear their comments, and to see a glowing Anna and very happy Stephen. Everyone seems excited about their expectations.

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