Find Easter Eggs in next episode of The Gifted & get some Mutant Twitter Love

Are we going to get Easter Eggs for a New Year’s present when The Gifted returns with its next episode? It seems so since according to there are some surprises in store for viewers of the next episode of The Gifted in the form of visual Easter Eggs.

The next episode airs on New Year’s day (January 1, 2018 and is titled ‘3 X 1’). Click here to see out previous post with photos and the synopsis from this episode.

easter eggs

EW reports that The Gifted writers have surprises as well as showing some Twitter love to the fans of the show.  Read below:

When the show returns, Polaris experiences some surprising side effects from her pregnancy — and when she does, comic-book devotees should be able to spot a visual homage to a signature flourish from legendary X-Men artist Jack Kirby.

The return hour has a number of other visual and canonical Easter eggs for the fans, and if viewers tweet their Easter egg finds to @GiftedTVWriters during the Jan. 1 broadcast, they promise some mutant Twitter love for the viewer with the sharpest eyes.


  1. That will be a treat for the comic book fans, I’m sure. I’m not one of those, and will no doubt miss any and all eggs. But that’s okay. I’ll still enjoy the episode.

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