True To the End Blog for True Blood’s final Season

HBO has just launched the “True To The End Blog” which will be an official blog for the final Season 7 of True Blood.

The return of ‘True Blood’ isn’t for another 26 days, but – in an effort to tide over all you patiently waiting Truebies out there – has your first taste of what’s to come. Below, enjoy a sanguine sneak peek of the art that’s helping to kick off the show’s final season, which kicks off Sunday, June 22, at 9pm ET.

Below is their cover photo:

true to the end blog

source: True To The End Blog


  1. I am a huge Sookie fan, but the show wasn’t as good for me since it strayed so far away from the actual story lines. It was entertaining, but not much more. I think it is time for it to end.

  2. The blog is interesting and I hope they put new promos on there every day or so until the countdown!

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