True Blood’s Writer Kate Barnow explains Bill’s refusal in 7.08

True Blood’s writer, Kate Barnow is the one responsible for last Sunday’s installment of True Blood and we have the Bill parts of the interview with Entertainment Weekly below where she discusses Sookie and Bill’s postcoital pillow talk and Bill’s life-or-death decision.


Sookie and Bill’s postcoital pillow talk at the start of the episode is obviously key because it begins setting up his decision at the end to not take the cure.

And it was a big scene because really as a viewer, you’re asking yourself if you’re happy or not about them getting back together. You can’t help but ask yourself, how can Sookie trust him after everything they’ve been through? So she sorta goes back to the beginning and asks the question, was this love based on the real stuff? He answers what she needed to get closure on—whether or not the love was true. We went back and forth on a couple of different versions of it, and I think that we landed at a place where we got some really good emotional information, but we also get some interesting background information—information about Bill’s past, the mission to go seek out Sookie. I think Anna [Paquin] and Stephen [Moyer] played it so beautifully, and it was a really special scene on the day because it felt like the culmination of seven seasons of conflict between the two of them being resolved—but in a very bitter-sweet way because it’s at the end when he’s dying.

In the end, Sookie goes against Eric’s orders again and brings Bill and Jessica through the tunnel to the basement of Fangtasia. Bill decides he doesn’t want to drink from Sarah.

Truthfully, we were a little concerned that maybe with all the flashbacks that people would guess this was where he was heading, that he was heading into this very fatalistic place. I think Bill has always been at conflict with himself as a vampire, and the thing that has kept him going has been Sookie. But I think that he’s feeling fairly resolute at this point that his time is nigh. That’s certainly what episodes 9 and 10 are gonna explore. Who’s to say if his time really is nigh? The moment where he decides he doesn’t want the blood is largely connected to the dream he’s had where Sookie’s holding the baby void. All of those flashbacks, that dream—everything’s adding up to this should be the end. That’s why he decides it, but all hell is about to break loose. People are not gonna be happy with his decision.

To read the entire interview go here.


  1. Really great & in-depth interview! However, now I’m REALLY worried that Bill & Sookie may not live happily ever after! Damn! :-(

  2. I have to laugh. She says she doesn’t know yet if she can trust bill. But yet she can trust eric who him and his vampire friends tortured Lafayette humm

  3. I appreciate the explanation.  Bill has always been conflicted about his vampire status.  Beautiful bed scene between them where Sookie gets some much-needed answers about why Sophie-Anne sent Bill to her, and Bill, sadly, declares that he has only darkness to offer her.  I’m glad Sookie disagreed and spoke to him about the love she felt from him.  His decision to reject the cure is understandable, given his darkness fixation and the dream he just had.  I’m delighted that all hell will break loose re: that decision.  I hope Bill can be persuaded to reconsider and accept the cure.  Which may or may not work on him.  We’ll find out how his story proceeds in just a few days.

  4. I’m stuck at a crossroad! I can’t decide who sookie should belong with either eric or bill. At first when true blood started years ago I was sooo rooting for bill but seeing as eric even though he’s an A-hole deep down he cares for sookie and they had a connection when he lost his memory!

  5. I can see Bill’s view on ending his vampire life. He has always been in conflict with himself. Always different from the other vamps. He wants a real U0001f499

  6. All of those flashbacks, that dream—everything’s adding up to this should be the end. That’s why he decides it, but all hell is about to break loose. People are not gonna be happy with his decision.

  7. Wow, I always love to see that after 7 seasons there’s so many people who still think Bill is good and Eric’s bad. Bills been a liar since episode 1, he set Sookie up and watched her get beaten almost to death and has been sneaky and self centered. Don’t forget he turned his back on Tara and was cold as ice to her. At least Eric does what needs to be done, even when he doesn’t like it AND usually saves anybody that he puts in jeopardy. But I do love how Bill truly loves Jessica.

  8. Bill n Eric both can be bad….honestly I think Sookie doomed nyway on happy ending cause everyone she ever gotten close to/loved died or turned on her.

  9. I am not happy with his decision not to take the cure and will be so disappointed if after 7 years Bill ends up as bloody goo in Sookie’s and Jessica’s loving arms. I am hoping for some extraordinary plot twist via Bridget the microbiologist or Sooks fairy vampire killer ball half-functioning to save Bill.
    Their post coital clearing the air chat was long overdue and just shows how trapped and in despair Bill has been as a vampire and tried in that contentious and insidious world to have a bit of normalcy when he followed the path of love with Sookie. But now reflecting he sadly tells her he was a fool to think he could protect her and only has darkness in him while Sookie rejects that and spoke of the love she remembers.
    There was so much love and he needs to remember it to want to live.

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