1. Tbis man is just plain oit sexy all of the time no matter how old or grey headed he may get still a sexy looking handsome man hands down

  2. Its werid reading something from before they were together. Lol them flirting with each other its very cute

  3. Yes I miss True Blood, is the best season I see in my life and Stephen look very good and I wish they make another season U0001f33aU0001f339U0001f33aU0001f339

  4. Stephen moyer nailed it in true blood…that whole cast was the best I miss it but watching again guess cuz this time of year it’s on dammm

  5. The intense chemistry between Sookie and Bill is what got me hooked on the show..!! You could feel it on screen how they look at each other. How I love that they are married in real life !!

  6. recently re-watched the entire show. don’t know if they could have done another season, but it would have been nice to see

  7. Episode 1, Season 1 of TrueBlood always get me going!!!! It reels me in wanting MORE!………………………

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