True Blood’s Season 7 Finale will be longer

truebloodnewss7square300Yesterday, in my review of last week’s episode, Random Thoughts on True Blood Season 7.09 “Love is To Die,” I mentioned that the finale episode 7.10 “Thank You” would be longer than any other episode of True Blood. Now, the schedule at HBO has been updated indicating the total minutes you can expect to savor from this very last installment of our favorite show. See the screenshot below indicating that the episode will total 65 minutes.

So, if you’re planning on recording the program, be sure to note the additional time needed for the finale.




  1. Love this show and HAVE to see the end, but I must say it really sucks so far.Every week, I watch and I say “WTF?” even the acting is lazy!! You could have went out with a bang! Not a frikkin sputter!

  2. Lol there’s no Ads when TB is on. I hate that its going off ALOT but its good its gonna be a little bit longer than usual.

  3. 5 MINS  No more seasons I understand going out on a high note, but this show has so many fans and really not many good shows on The Leftovers is awful down right depressing hope HBO finds something better than that. Of course there is NO replacement for Trueblood.

  4. Smh it should be four hours considering they skimped us two episodes last season and two this season…. I don’t want it to end U0001f62dU0001f62dU0001f62dU0001f62dU0001f62d

  5. A two hour finale would be more appropriate, so would have the penultimate episode. Or even 12 episodes. Boo to whomever decided how this should end.

  6. Will the stars of true blood do are have they done the alsicebucket challenge an would they it’s for a good cause

  7. I don’t think I have ever seen a true blood episode of 45 mins. They are always 56-58 minutes. I think you are off your rocker.

  8. Everyone seems disappointed with the writing…im sorry but even the experience d writers I know say thry just wanted to get it over with..lame.

  9. I just want to say thank u to all the amazing actors n the writer of the series. All the cast n crew members behind scenes. All their loved ones for putting up with the hours they put in to make a amazing show. Thanks again true blood cast n crew ur amazing no matter how the seasons end no matter what people say im truly amazed at a amazing show that had touched my heart. Thanks xx

  10. Great words Jessica!great show touched my heart as well love it and will miss it but thxs for the years god bless cast and crew you truly will be missed great job xxoo

  11. thank you for letting us all shure ill cry threw the whole show.and watch it over again a million and 1 times.i cryed last sunday.knwing we only have 1 more show left.thank you true blood for being apart of our lives for 7 wonderful going to miss you terribly .much much love from tennessee

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