True Blood’s Final Season 7 Debut Night Transcends Season 6


The premiere of the final season of TRUE BLOOD tallied a gross audience of 5.8 million viewers Sunday night across its four plays, up 3% from last season’s debut night (5.6 million viewers).

At 9:00PM, viewership averaged 4 million viewers with another 1 million, 498,000 and 262,000 added at 10:00PM, 11:30PM and 1:00AM, respectively.

Last season, TRUE BLOOD had an average gross audience of 10.7 million viewers.

Congratulations to True Blood for such a great ratings for its first episode of the finale season!

source: HBO


  1. I thought the first episode was so good I’m still hoping for it to end how it started Bill and Sookie back together an epic love story true to the end and the cool thing is they have that in real life too!

  2. I’m waiting for her to become a fairy vampire and be with Bill. That is how it needs to be. She will be one to save the town. And I hope it is end of the seat exciting the rest of the final season. I get mad but can’t wait for it till the next sunday.

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