True Blood’s final four weeks of filming

True Blood started it’s final four weeks of filming yesterday as reported by Stephen Moyer on his Twitter account (see screencap below).


Soon the sets will be dismantled and there will be no more filming of the show, which is sad for all the fans. However we still have the whole season yet to see; which starts on June 22, so that’s something to look forward too. Anna Paquin posted on her Twitter account that the cast and crew had a lunchtime viewing of the first episode for the final season yesterday which she was proud to say had been directed by her hubby, Stephen Moyer.


And, Costumer Designer, Audrey Fisher eludes to the amount of photos that might be added to the Wall of Death:

wall of death

And the True Blood promotional signage is all over LA which you can see by just the three examples a friend and I took yesterday on a brief drive from Santa Monica to West Hollywood.


  1. It is one of my favorite shows. Started watching it from the very first day and hate to see it coming to an end.

  2. I have read all the books and I have watch this show religiously from the first time it aired!! Biggest FAN.. Love you all!!!!!

  3. It will be a sad and memorable journey for the cast, crew and
    production staff. I hope they savor every moment of filming and the
    last weeks they’ll have together.  They will be missed!!!

  4. I’m ubber sad and will be missing my TB fix!! Buuuuuuuuuuuuut can’t WAIT until the season starts. I requested the day off work as crazy as that sounds! LOL! :)

  5. I am so excited for the new season that the sadness of it ending is pushed back in my emotions. Everything ends and we knew they had seven season contracts. it’s just hard to think this is the last season….

    Everything is pointing to a wonderful ending, and what a wonderful ride it has been! Trubie forever here!

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