True Blood Story Lines that Might Have Been


Did you know that there are more stories that some of the True Blood cast and showrunner Brian Buckner wish had been explored?  According to The Hollywood Reporter the cast commented on what they wish had been included in the show.

Stephen Moyer says:

Bill’s human life was shown in flashbacks throughout season seven, but Moyer wanted to see more of Bill’s vampire past — in particular, what caused the bad blood between him and Eric (Alexander Skarsgard). “I had always wanted for us to see a flashback to that, and so that Alex and I got a chance to do more flashbacks together.”

Joe Manganiello says:

he understood that Alcide had to die. Sookie (Anna Paquin) was not going to end up with her werewolf love interest, but having her break up with him would make viewers dislike her. “You’ve got to kill him,” Manganiello tells THR. He says that when he got the news, he told Buckner, “I totally get it.”

With more screen time, he would’ve liked to develop Alcide’s relationship with Emma (Chloe Noelle). “She was orphaned because of Alcide. Alcide never wanted to have kids, so it would have been interesting to see him burning off the karma of putting her into a parentless atmosphere,” Manganiello tells THR. “It could’ve taught him that being a wolf wasn’t all that bad. It would have been an opportunity to see a warm, paternal side of him in the midst of dealing with monsters in the wolfpack.”

He says Alcide and his father Jackson (Robert Patrick) had an interesting storyline that was removed from season six. “When you’ve got three showrunners in as many episodes [Buckner replaced Mark Hudis not long after creator Alan Ball exited], something’s got to give. That something unfortunately was my storyline. There was a plan to — [Jackson] came back for a reason, it just never happened,” Manganiello says.

Deborah Ann Woll says:

she was surprised how Jessica’s storyline ended, but that it “forced” her to come to a new understanding of her character “which I think is really beautiful.”

She wants to know more about the world of True Blood. “You’ll see these scenes with people in broken-down trailers but with chains and chains of silver. Is that because the value’s gone down, are they stockpiling it? Could you go to a vampire to get glamoured to quit smoking? What about the family drama of a human aging and a vampire staying the same?” she says. “As the actor, I’m sitting there like, ‘hm.’ “

There’s one character Brian Buckner says he particularly missed in the season’s final episodes.

“Would I rather we had a little more Lafayette [Nelsan Ellis] toward the end? Sure,” Buckner said in a conference call with reporters. “I think he’s brilliant. I think every time he opens his mouth, something extraordinary comes out, usually that we didn’t write.”

He and the show’s writers decided that Lafayette’s story ended when he found love with James (Nathan Parsons) “I learned this when I was writing on Friends — Ross [David Schwimmer] and Rachel [Jennifer Aniston] together wasn’t quite as much fun as Ross and Rachel sparring,” Buckner says. “I don’t know what the scenes would be if we just did scenes of [Lafayette and James] happy together. I’m thrilled we got Lafayette true love, but it sort of peaked in [episode] six or so. There was closure in that character.

Nathan Parsons wants to know more of his character’s background.

“It would have been fun to go back to the ’70s a bit, to go back to the war going on and this hippie love child standing against it, the draft dodger, and how he paid for it,” he tells THR.

He wishes his character had more scenes with Jessica so that he could play opposite Woll — with whom he went to college. “My freshman year we did a play together, so I know Deb well. I would have loved a little more time to work with her. She’s a powerhouse,” Parsons says.

Karolina Wydra said that there’s more background to be explored in Violet too.

Jason’s (Ryan Kwanten) girlfriend-turned-would-be-torturer might have received backlash from fans because her motivations weren’t immediately clear. “We could have expanded who Violet is and where she’s coming from, to get a better idea of who she is. Imagine, she’s been around for 800 years. She’s seen a lot,” the actress says.

But some of the cast are fully satisfied with their characters’ storylines.

Carrie Preston says

Arlene’s growth from fearing vampires to falling in love with one (Riley Smith’s Keith) “was a great build. It builds up over the seasons, as opposed to breaking down or kind of fizzling out — it was the opposite. I feel like I had a great climb, and where it ended up was perfect.”



  1. AGAIN, no matter how many times you share these things, there will not be a spin off and YOUR ending (not the fans) STILL sucks.

  2. O yes Karina Thyra II, a movie would be great! Bill could be back in Eric’s flashbacks about why they hated each other!

  3. They had three other story lines to write about they could have continued the series for at least three more sessions

  4. Interesting suggestions from the various cast members.  I definitely
    wanted to see more of Lafayette this season.  It would have been
    fascinating to explore the reason for the bad blood between Bill and
    Eric.  Background on Violet would have helped me understand her better. 
    Plenty of ideas here … simply not enough episode time.

  5. Great ideas…except those from Buckner…I am not really on board with his vision and don’t accept his rationale for the storyline directions he took

  6. Lol Shanna that’s what I said to my daughter before the last episode. But I figure it would be more Eric and Pam if they did. I don’t know but I sure hate that its gone. Never to return the way it was. :(

  7. True Blood was an excellent series!!! An awesome concept of vampires being out of the coffin! What a great idea!!!The show has been my favorite but to my disappointment Bills true death was pointless. It was a terrible ending to an awesome show. The real Bill Compton would never kill himself. It solved nothing! Sookie could’ve still went with another vampire after Bill’s death and if they stayed together they could’ve adopted or Sookie could of been artificially inseminated. Bill should’ve been there in that last seen on Thanksgiving day with Sookie, their children and all of their friends.
    All in all the ending was a huge disappointment!!!
    I challenge HBO and the writers of True Blood to redo the ending and make it more realistic and a better ending to a true love story!!!
    My favorite characters in true blood are William Compton and Sookie Stackhouse. Sookie stayed true to herself. William did not. Suicide was not an act of William Compton. He would never of committed suicide!!!

  8. It’s so interesting to read the actor’s insights. I would have liked to skip the season 5 authority story but still had the bill/eric bromance aspect of it somehow. I also thought Lorena’s maker, Istvan, would have been a great villian for them all to battle and instead of a war with Hep V vamps, the fae war would have been great to end with. Also, i always felt that after Sookie and Bill broke up, some of the magic was lost. Every romance was a rebound romance for her after him. It was obvious they remained madly in love so i would have liked them back together sooner. .

  9. All those ideas sound great they can still be explored just add on to the finale a dream sequence where Sookie staked bill was a dream draw blood from the cure girl and give to bill u can administer to bill when he’s lying there half sleep half dying just squirt in his mouth then continue the series with all these great ideas!

  10. So go ahead and explore away, I am sure the writers can come up with more material. Get True Blood back, please!

  11. Well, how about a movie. And while they are at it, they can attempt to fix that mess of an ending they left us with.

  12. Cutting back to 10 episodes per season with some  less than an hour long,  it was time prohibited to explore so many back stories nor  expand  other stories.  
    I would have liked to see:

    Bill and Andy’s relationship in more depth..  
    Arlene and Keith’s romance 

    Most of all for Bill to have lived

  13. Something that Brian Buckner said about Lafayette is true.  When a couple finally gets together, it’s harder to make their story interesting.  If they had 12 episodes instead of 10, Lafayette and James could have fallen in love more slowly, maybe James going through a lot more angst about admitting he is gay before they end up together.
    If not 12 episodes, then at least the last episode be 2 hours for more time to tie up each character’s storyline. 
    I would have loved to see more Bill and Eric and their history.  Would have liked more time spent on Sam,  telling Nicole he’s going with her, and maybe a final scene with Sam and Sookie. Pam and Eric getting it on.  A scene where Eric and Willa discuss what their relationship is going to be as maker and progeny going forward, that was never finished.  More Bill and Andy.  And of course, Bill lives.
    If Sookie had been pregnant with Alcide’s baby or babies, a spin-off could be the children of the characters we’ve been watching for 7 years.  They still could do the children of, but I think a wolf is needed to round out the supernaturals.  The children would be grown, maybe the youngest of them still teenagers.  Some of the actors from the original could be part of the spin off show to anchor it, and some original cast members might guest star now and again.

  14. Here’s a suggestion HBO; either film an alternate ending for the series to be sold with final season, OR, do an appropriate 2 hr movie finale and bring Lafayette in…..def more Eric and Pam too please! Never gonna please everybody, but having Bill die like that? The ultimate selfish act :(

  15. Does anybody know if they will be having the Inside The Episodes for season 7?  I really enjoy those, especially when Stephen is talking about directing.  Although, honestly, I could listen to Stephen talk about anything and I’d be happy!

  16. Replying to myself … Sam’s and Nicole’s story was short changed.  Sam had very little to do in Season 7 once the marauding Hep V vamps were dealt with.  I wanted more for him in the final season.

  17. Right on Robin! I understand why Bill died…Sookie would have never moved on. But she could have become Vampire to be with him or I would have at least liked to see Bill reunited with his family in the afterlife if he had to die.

  18. I understand why Bill died…Sookie would have never moved on. But she could have become Vampire to be with him or I would have at least liked to see Bill reunited with his family in the afterlife if he had to die. :'(

  19. i been stressin not enough we want a spin off i want to continue to know about bon temps and everyone the 7 seasons were just not enough I WANT MORE !! and more flash backs of all the cast before they were turned what it was like right to the moment they turned omg plz is my wish oh god lol

  20. Agree.  It would be so cool to show each of the character’s backstory.  I think eventually they will do a spin-off, but I don’t think it will be in the near future.  They could do a movie that would be a prequel. There is still so much interesting stuff they could do with the characters, still can’t believe they felt it was time to end it.

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