True Blood season six: What’s in store for Bill Compton?

Bill Compton True Blood

Season five of True Blood has concluded with its most jaw-dropping cliffhanger ever.  While many fans were greatly distressed by Bill Compton’s explosive death and resurrection in the finale, I was enthralled by this turn of events.  Bill is going to be smack-bang at the centre of next season’s storyline, and is the subject of intense speculation and attention right now.  Also, this will be an excellent plot to showcase Stephen Moyer’s versatility as an actor, and represents a huge game-changer for the show.

Here are my thoughts on Bill Compton version 2.0…

Bill Compton True Blood


Bill is not simply Lilith in Bill’s skin – he is still himself, with his own memories and experiences.  This has been confirmed already by Alan Ball.  So this is not, as some fans have been saying, a rip-off of the Locke/Man in Black storyline from Lost (massive Lost spoiler: Locke died, and the evil spirit of The Man in Black took on his form).  The fact that Sookie and Eric both saw him implies that he is a physical being, not a spirit entity as Lilith was.  I doubt that Lilith is going to be inhabiting his body and occasionally taking controlling him, since they’ve done the spirit possession thing to death with Lafayette.  It’s possible that Bill will continue to have visions of Lilith, but my feeling is that we’ve seen the last of her and her epic ladygarden.  Lilith’s quest was to find a host, and now that she has accomplished that, her powers have become manifested in Bill.  My feeling is that Bill will still have free-will, and will have control over his own actions, for better or for worse.

Since he has been “reborn”, then it is plausible that he will suffer from the same uncontrollable urges as a newly made vampire does, and will be wild and impulsive.  Throughout season five, he became increasingly psychotic, as a result of ingesting Lilith’s blood and being brainwashed by the Sanguinista cult, to the extent that he lost all the love and empathy that he’d once had, even towards Jessica and Sookie.  Now that he is reborn, whether or not he remains a completely cold-blooded psychopath remains to be seen.

A lot of fans have been asking if Bill will be naked, covered in blood, and emitting a horrendous primal scream noise all season.  Somehow, as much as I would like to see an entire season of Naked Bill, I doubt that he’s going to remain in the state we saw him in immediately following his resurrection.  To have him being an entirely feral would be a waste of Stephen Moyer’s acting skills, so I think that he will be lucid, just more vicious than he once was.


Obviously he has become supercharged in some way – so will he have some previously unseen superpowers?  What will he be capable of?  Superior strength and speed to all vampiresis a given, as is extremely potent blood, and very possibly the ability to enthrall vampires who drink his blood.  Probably he’ll acquire the ability to fly, and maybe some advanced glamouring technique.  Maybe he will be able to glamour a mass audience via television?  Or glamour other vampires and supernatural beings?  The writers’ imaginations pose the only limit to what Bill might now be capable of.  Perhaps he’s immune to staking, and can daywalk?  He might even have some crazy sci-fi abilities such as pyrokinesis, telekinesis, teleportation, shape-shifting, telepathic projection, time travel, prescience, resurrection of the dead… you name it!

A feeling I have is that Bill will see Lorena, in the same way that Eric and Nora saw Godric.  And if Bill sees Lorena egging him on to be evil, maybe it will make him think twice.


Now that Bill is some sort of vampire demigod, what sort of shenanigans is he going to get up to?  The Sanguinistas were keen to bolster their numbers by turning new vampires, so perhaps Bill will get some new progenies?  Will he set out to gain new followers, presenting himself as the new vampire messiah, or embark on a lone mission of anarchy?  Maybe Steve Newlin and Nigel the baby eater could be his first disciples?  Bill was an adept politician, so perhaps he will continue to try to manipulate the media, while covertly carrying out his dastardly deeds.

On the other hand, since he had a brief realisation in between downing the blood, and meeting the true death, perhaps the reborn Bill will question his new role and will resist the prophecy within the Vampire Bible.

What I’m really wondering is whether Bill could be the Antichrist.  It’s been mentioned in the show that “end days” are coming, and Salome spoke of Lilith’s return heralding The Rapture.  What if events are spiralling towards a cataclysmic event, and Bill is the harbinger of evil?  If that is the case, then another being would have to be the second coming of Christ.  Sookie, perhaps?  Or is this all a bit too much like Lost/Carnivale/The Stand?!

The Long Game

My feeling is that, while Bill will initially appear to be inherently evil, slowly he will come to his senses.  He’s fought long and hard for his humanity in the past, after all.  I know that many fans feel that Bill’s role next season is to eventually defeat Warlow, and I am in agreement.  They’ve already done the “Bill and Eric outwit an ancient vampire” thing with Russell, but now Bill has been empowered it will be interesting to see a face-off between two ultra-powerful undead beings.

I think that the fairies will have an important role to play in Bill’s eventual fate.  There is way more to the vampire/fairy mythology than we have seen so far in the show.  My feeling is that their origins are somehow entwined.  It was significant that Salome was so appalled by fairies, and said that Lilith regards them as an abomination.  And let’s not forget – Bill now has four half-fairy great-great-great-great-great granddaughters.  Bill has to eventually be revealed as Andy and Terry’s ancestor, and I think the existence of his living human bloodline will come into play.

I feel that the end-game in True Blood is for Bill to turn human.  One reason for this is that Russell implied in season three that the fairies have the ability to resurrect dead vampires.  So maybe season six could end with Bill being killed again (perhaps by suicide), and then being resurrected again by Sookie, but this time as a human.  Wouldn’t that be the ultimate irony?  The only way he can have a future with Sookie is to become human, but by becoming human he ruins his chances with her, because then she’d be able to read his mind.  And how terrible would it be for him to be gifted these infinite god-powers only to have them removed, and to have to learn to live as an ordinary mortal?  However, it’s been revealed that Sookie’s powers are finite – she and Bill could end up living as an ordinary human couple after all.  I still think that their conversation in season three, where they dreamed of a life together where neither was a supernatural being, was somehow prophetic.

Whatever direction the writers choose to take Bill’s character, it’s sure to be a mind-bending journey that his character will embark on!



  1. I left this post at The Vault as well …
    “Brilliantly conceived and written, Aphrodite. Thank you. I’m still in shock over Bill’s transformation, and not ready to speculate in depth over what Season 6 will bring for him. I am curious about his powers, though … what they will be, and if his memories of a kinder, gentler Bill will impact his actions at all. I worry about Jessica’s being lost and alone. We’ve seen that Sookie’s microwaving powers are finite. Does that include her ability to hear others’ thoughts? Is this an ability that is a part of her fae-ness? I believe it must be. If so, once she loses one, she loses all her powers. She could happily mate with a human then and not have the worry of hearing his thoughts.
    You’ve stated that you believe the end game is for Bill to turn human. That would bring him full circle. If Sookie has powers that she has not yet used (I forget who said that), perhaps those powers can somehow return Bill to his human state (before she loses them all). In my less lucid moments I dare to dream of a happy ending for Sookie and Bill.
    I really want to see acknowledgment of Bill as ancestor to Terry and Andy Bellefleur. That story line was dropped with the reveal to Portia, and Bill glamoring her to run screaming whenever she saw him. You mentioned the half-fae babies who are Bill’s descendants. When Jessica suggested turning Jason, Bill mentioned the Compton bloodline, that it needed continuing. Will these babies somehow play a part? A vampire god-deity with half-fae descendants. How will that affect decisions he might make?
    I have lots of questions, as do we all. My emotions are still all over the place. Part of me is curious about Season 6, and eager to see Stephen tear into the part of a vampire god. And part of me is still in mourning for the Bill Compton I fell in love with as soon as he walked into Merlotte’s in Season 1. I rather imagine I’ll be riding that roller coaster for a long time yet to come.
    By the way, for someone who wasn’t ready to speculate in depth, I find I have managed to do just that.”

  2. What a wonderful post Aphrodite,  the possibilities are endless.  The romantic in me would love to see Bill and Sookie with their HEA.  With 10eps next season, Season 6 is going to really fly by.  I love all the Bill/Stephen time, but it would be nice to have the (bad stuff) focus on Eric for a change, why couldn’t he do something really horrible for which there is no forgiveness or something to that affect?  So now, the long wait begins again.  
    I so loved Stephen’s acting this Season, such an amazing actor. :)

  3. Wow – you’ve really given this some deep thought. :-) The greatx5 fae grand babies is interesting, I had forgotten about that storyline. I like the idea of Sookie turning him human. hmmm – whatever path they take Bill on I will be there watching. Thanks for the food for thought!

  4. That is something to think about. Also, in season 1 when Sookie had that dream about Bill making her breakfast. I think one of the first things that Sookie would do for Bill if he does become human is have breakfast together. I know it may sound cheesy but I think it would be a step into being normal.

  5. Loved your analysis of what happend and what could happen to Bill.  He’s still in there, and as long as Bill has all of his memories and thoughts, there is always hope for him, I won’t give up on him.
    But I do hope that they don’t make him walk around for too long dripping blood everywhere in S6, one episode should be enough.

  6. Loved reading your thoughts, Aphrodite. As someone who is still reeling and upset over the finale, you have given me much food for thought on what can await the “new” Bill. And what you have laid out actually makes me feel a tinge better about S6. 
    You are awesome!!

  7. Well, I imagine Billith could give Warlow a run for his money, and he could find himself perplexed by his desire to both protect her from Warlow, yet harm her in some way himself, perhaps even disliking her relationship with Eric…it seems to set up lots o interesting possibilities.

  8. Well, I imagine Billith could give Warlow a run for his money, and he could find himself perplexed by his desire to both protect her from Warlow, yet harm her in some way himself, perhaps even disliking her relationship with Eric…it seems to set up lots o interesting possibilities.

  9. Wow. That was awesome and actually gave me a little hope about Bill and got me excited for next season. After Bill turned into Billith, I just couldn’t take it! The writers should visit these fansites more often for ideas. ;)A few ideas-  I think…….Bill will force other vampires to drink his blood to amass a legion of loyal vampires. Loyal to the “cause”. If he sees visions of Lorena, and I think he will, he will now see that her way was right all along, humans are food. She may not have known of the Sanguinista movement (or maybe she did and never told Bill), but Lorena was Sanguinista at heart.I don’t think Bill will ever again be a “mainstreaming” vampire. Unless he regains his senses and goes back to good Bill very soon. If he is evil for a while and doing horrible things, even gaining back his humanity won’t be enough.  You can’t come back form that much evil, it’s too much and too late for that.  I really like the theory of Sookie making him human again. But I wonder – if he turns human, will be immediately shrivel up and die? Remember when Sookie came back from fairyland with grandad? He was young in fairyland, but then coming back to earth, he immediately seemed to age all the years he lost before he died. I wonder if the same thing would happen to a vampire turned back into a human. Will the years catch up with them?Interesting idea about the idea of enhanced glamouring ability. I was thinking about all this the other day and a fanfic I once read (haha) came to mind. In the story, all vampires had basically the same abilities, but every vampire had one ability that was stronger than the rest. Their specialty, so to speak. Lorena’s was overwhelming glamour. But it was so overwhelming, she could even influence other vampires. Therefore, other vampires didn’t trust or mix with her and by default, Bill wasn’t trusted either. I wonder what other powers he will get because the writers have been a little inconsistent with this. In season one, Sookie asked Bill if he could fly and he said no.  But then, he flew into the air to fight Sophie Anne. I think we’ll see Niall from the books, Sookie’s fairy great grandfather. And the fairies and Bill will be instrumental in defeating Warlow to save Sookie. Eric and Nora too since Nora knows who Warlow is.  Maybe actually destroying Warlow will be Bill’s last act on earth. He turns good again, but absolutely no one will accept him after so many evil deeds, he has nothing left to live for, he kills Warlow for good, dying in the process. He comes full circle, becomes the martyr for Sookie and is once again willing to die to save her. Everyone’s relationships will be left up to the viewer to interpret, life goes on in Bon Temps. End of True Blood the series. 
    I’m Angie, buy the way. Maybe I should have introduced myself first. lol 

  10. If Bill ends up a hero and saves her from Warlow that part will be good. It would probably take something extremely powerful to get Sookie back from War low if War low takes her.

  11. I was not happy with season 5 at all. I loved season 4 and love the fact the show strays from the books as I feel that I’m getting “extra” if that makes sense. However I absolutely hated the fact that they changed the characters characters in this season. Bill no longer a nice guy? Eric a nice guy? Neither of them supporting Sookie? Its too much :(

  12. I was not happy with season 5 at all. I loved season 4 and love the fact the show strays from the books as I feel that I’m getting “extra” if that makes sense. However I absolutely hated the fact that they changed the characters characters in this season. Bill no longer a nice guy? Eric a nice guy? Neither of them supporting Sookie? Its too much :(

  13. Nice post ;) I think the same as you. Bill’s going to play an extended role next season. Maybe he will defeat Warlow to save Sookie, or maybe he will turn other human to vampires, to make a legion of stronger vampires. I hope he doesn’t become an evil, primitive creature, even though he’ll probably be the villain in Season 6. I think Sookie will have the key to bring back Bill from Lilith’s influence. I read all the comments below, and it’s plausible that Sookie can make Bill human again, but I think it’s going to affect him for better or for worse (for example, Bill immediately might die).
    Anyway, only the writers know how is going to be Bill in Season 6, and his relationship with Sookie and Eric, specially. I can’t wait to see Stephen in that role, and what is going to happen with Bill and Sookie.

  14. Thanks for the speculation…I really hope some of this plays a part in next season.  And although I wouldn’t mind Bill running around naked for 10 episodes, it would be just a little distractling.  The plot would definitley take a back seat.  I would love to see Bill eventually turn human and Sookie still be unable to read his mind….that would be ideal.  Alan Ball did say, in the early days of the series, that he saw Bill and Sookie as soul mates.

  15. From your lips to Gods (or Billith’s) ear !!!!  Seriously, I love your analysis and your end-game for Bill and Sookie.  Thanks for sharing.  

  16. To be honest, I wouldn’t like a good ending for TB at all. I also think this might be the last season. I either want Bill or Sookie to die (definitely die) and Eric wandering the world again unattached to a human woman. I don’t think he and Sookie would last (he is too single minded and independent for long term commitment), and Bill and Sookie living happily ever after would be worst case scenario because it woul dbe so incredibly cheesy! But I doubt the rest of the audience would like that much :-)
    Therefore, the writers won’t do me this favor but find something that the majority of the audience would love and also possibly leave a door open for later seasons in the future.

    1. You know, I was going to say, I have a feeling one of the main characters (Bill, Sookie or Eric) are going to die, but then I got to thinking, AB isn’t doing it now, so that might change.  I won’t lie though, I would love to see Bill and Sookie together in the end, that’s just the romantic in me, I think. 
      I don’t really think this will be the last season though, as long as they have the viewers and HBO are hauling in the $$$$$, they will keep going, but I think, they must have canceled series’s that have been doing really good too.  

  17. This can not be the end of  TB.  There is still so much to do left.  Plus, the unavoidable thing is that Eric and Sookie will be together in the end.  If they don’t do that then they will not do right  by the ones who are fans of the books.  Now, I understand that they are not going strictly by the books, but at some level they will need to do right by the fans who have been fans from the first book.  Now, granted this show will not go on forever, but if they are going to end it they must end it right.  If Bill becomes human which I hope is wrong, then, he will end up with a human woman, start from scratch, and then leave the show.  But, I don’t want him human, I want him as Vampire Bill, no matter what form that takes

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