True Blood Season 7 spoilers – more Bill Compton flashbacks?

SPOILERSASMSQUAREIn True Blood Season 1, you may recall the mention of Minus as the slave owned by the Compton’s during the Civil War. Bill Compton talked about him when asked by Tara if he had owned any slaves at the time he met Sookie’s grandmother. Below is a video of that scene:

Well, it looks like the character of Minus is going to come to life in True Blood’s final Season 7. Below is a tweet from someone who auditioned for the part:

Mustafa Shakir ‏@effortlessOne – Mar 11

SO I was gonna keep this to myself but fork it. I just had an audition for True Blood playing the role of “Minus” a slave, and I don’t know if I did a great job or just channeled some ancient angst up in the audition room but I was over come. It started as soon as I got the audition, this bubbling up of the rawest uncut shadow shit. I came home to do last minute prep and was just snatched by grief. by the time I got to the audition I was fcuking exhausted from crying and growling. Lord knows its gonna be amazing to book that role but DAMN slavery is alive and well in my cells and I’ve gotta do some ritual it seems to give them some peace. Seriously. thanks for listening. I need some pedialyte and thai food STAT.

So, as we have already speculated, it looks like we will have at least one or more Bill Compton flashbacks to the time of the Civil War in the finale season. It should be an interesting jaunt.  

Personally, I love the flashbacks, what do you think?



  1. I have a lot more respect for pam and understand her have to be tough in the sex industry.even then.i was disappointed they didnt carry her backstory on a bit longer

  2. Lovely to see that scene again, and to revisit Vampire Bill in Season 1.  Looking forward to a flashback or two of vintage Civil War Bill.  Fingers crossed that Mustafa gets the part.  Thanks for providing.

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