True Blood Season 7 is set to Premiere on June 22

asmnews2True Blood‘s final episodes starting on Sunday, June 22, at 9/8c. That’s when the HBO vampire drama’s 10-episode concluding season will premiere, the cabler announced Thursday.

True Blood‘s seventh go-around will feature new cast members Riley Smith (90210) as a brooding undead dude named Keith and Nathan Parsons (General Hospital) filling the role of James, which Luke Grimes exited after the Season 6 finale.

HBO will air teases for both True Blood and The Leftovers right before Game of Thrones‘ Season 4 premiere this Sunday at 9/8c. But, watch the teaser now instead of waiting:




  1. I’ve been in sort of “TrueBlood DT’s” since the end of the program last year….. HURRY PLEASE, but at the same time please don’t.

  2. im so mad this is the last season with everyone dying, come on HBO don’t end the series like this, don’t end at all get them writers working. SO SAD

  3. Does anyone know when season 6 comes out on DVD? I don’t have that channel so I buy the DVD and have a True Blood weekend. I watch the season before and then the new season. I let everyone know to leave me alone, turn off the phone, make sure the fridge is stocked with food that needs no cooking, curl up in bed and watch my favorite show. My favorite weekend :)

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