True Blood Season 7 Promo Clip Tease

PROMOVID7HBO has shown a new video promo for the upcoming Season 7 of True Blood. They call it a “tease,” and that’s just what it is. We get a tiny bit of information, but that’s about all for the upcoming season.

In the video, we hear Sookie talking about what’s happening. She talks about an attack at the church and that it was another ambush and was the sick vampires. She wonders how our government could leave everyone for dead and worries about the good folks of Bon Temps turning on each other like animals. She asks why!

Below is the video and some screencaps.

source: HBO on


  1. I can’t wait for season 7. I’m sad it’s coming to a close I’m going to miss the show and the characters that make it happen

  2. Its makes me pissed that brian Fuckner canceled TrueBlood after this season grr wish hbo by all rights to TrueBlood n keep it going on air

  3. This was great! we are certainly going to lose some of our beloved ones. looks like it will start with a BANG!

  4. We don’t know that the decision was made by Brian Buckner. In fact, it probably was an HBO decision. A decision like this comes from above, and while he may have been part of it, in my opinion it’s unfair to blame him completely.

  5. Thank you for the promo; ominous start for S7, poor Bon Temps. I am very excited for the season to begin but also sad…..

  6. I read on line somewhere last summer Hbo didnt want TrueBlood to end they where up iit was ending n ii read in another interview brian is the one who made the harsh decision to end TrueBlood this is why I blame him I if itt was Hbo decision he’d find another station to pick up. Ttrueblood

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