1. I’m thinking that Sooki is going to become a vampire and she and Bill are going to live Happily ever after!!!

  2. donde esta mi hermosos eric tiene que regresar el tiene que regresar con sookie el es mi favorito

  3. Sob. They are so beautiful! I love seeing so much Bill and Sookie in the promo – hopefully we’ll get even more on the show. :)

  4. Omygggeee. I can’t wait for Eric.. hush… more of eric please.. but then I am more of Sookie and Bill. ♥♥♥

  5. The author of the book series said Sookie would never become a vampire. Not sure if she changed her mind or if the shows writers have enough license to change that but it would be cool

  6. I loved bill and sookie but according to book she doesn’t end with him. Oh well wait and see. Thank you charlaine for the sookie series, I miss reading them and yes had to end sometime. Thank you for making the series happen, they were amazing actors. I wish all successful journeys in other projects that they all do for all have special talent.

  7. I am really going to miss my True Blood fix- so glad I have all the box sets to date- will have marathon reruns with my True Blood mad friends and relatives-Thank You so much for a wonderful entertaining epic journey into fantasy !!!!!

  8. I hope Sookie ends up with Bill. I mean yes he was a butt…….but I mean, Bill is the one for her. I can’t wait, every trailer I see, everything I ready I get goosebumps!! ♡

  9. Charlaine Harris has no creative control over TrueBlood. AlanBall and HBO paid CH good $$$$$ so they could do what they liked on the show:)

  10. Looks great .I am very excited to see this play out.  OMG look at Bill ,I have missed him so much. ♥♥♥

  11. I’m sick of the bookies! For 7 years I’m been hearing stick to the books, the show would be better. If bill was the dick he is in the books we wouldn’t be having this conversation right now. The books weren’t good enough to be a show by themselves, that’s why Alan ball changed it. People you need to face it. The show started with bill and sookie and that’s the way it should end. Stephen looks spine tingling hot as usual. Can’t wait!!!

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