True Blood Season 7 Flashback: Bill with Daughter Sarah

It’s great to see some photos of Stephen Moyer in one of the True Blood Season 7 flashback scenes below. There have been some spoilers released this year saying that there will be many flashback scenes in True Blood’s final season. One of these leaks was about Bill Compton’s return to his live in pre-Civil War time and that Isabella Rice would play his human daughter, Sarah.

Below is a photo of Stephen with Isabella on the set filming one of these scenes with both in period costumes. I like Bill in his 19th century garb, what do you think?  I can’t wait to see these scenes.

Bill Compton and Sara Compton



  1. I have watched this from the beginning and I’m sad that this is the last season. I wish it would never end. ….

  2. Looking forward to see the season 7 will bring on June 22nd…Love True Blood – Especially Bill, Sookie, Eric, and rest of the cast…outstanding cast and show!!!

  3. All the best. Possibly the best show ever produced, excellent actors, intriguing story, and best production crew. Thank you.

  4. Good name actress playing a character of xmen get what u can like Kelsey grammar playing older beast or the colossus isn’t Russian

  5. Gawd!!’ I am so going to miss TB. HBO just won’t be the same. My friend named her Yorkie puppy I gave her Sookie. I named my cat LaFayettte. Whatever shall we do?????

  6. Ok, so what about the son that his wife killed with her first feeding? Did they have 2 children because I only remember the son?

  7. Massi, we saw a flashback scene of Bill with his daughter Sarah in Season 5 when she was on her death bed. She was not made vampire. We even interviewed the actress who played the adult Sarah at the time and you can read what she has to say about it here:

  8. Massi Marques, no Bill’s daughter lived a human life. She’s the reason he’s related to Andy and Portia Bellafleur.

  9. Nina, you still have books, DVDs and memories – and in the end you will find some new series to love :)

  10. Hope you know that this is not Stephen’s daughter; she is an actress named Isabella Rice playing Bill Compton’s daughter Sarah.

  11. thanks so much for esplainin’! still, it would be cool if you could have your kids on the set while you shoot. But probably would be very distracting! ;*}

  12. Debra Thomas, Bill Compton had 3 children : Sarah Isabel Compton
    Thomas Charles Compton
    son, and
    Lee Davis Compton.

  13. Stephen looks great. Saw him in soccer aid playing for team England. Damn does that guy look good in shorts :)

  14. About time. Bill talked about his daughter a few times during the show and we saw that she was older, but we never saw her very young. Before or after the civil war.

  15. Sorry! I lost interest in True Blood. You guys took too fucking long to come back. It’s a real shame.

  16. Isabella is a real cutie.  Wonderful picture of the two of them together.  I’m definitely looking forward to any and all flashback scenes, and especially those showing Bill Compton in pre-Civil War days.

  17. I always liked the flash back scenes to all the characters..nice to know where they came from..

  18. OMG, look at those cutie patooties! I love this, it bodes well for plenty of Bill flashbacks, esp from his human days. We’ve gotten so little of that era. Thank you so much for posting this. So very excited…

  19. So his daughter married into Sheriff Beflore family,Bill is Sheriff Andy’s great great great***grandfather


  21. he has lost a lot of weight and that is the actress who plays hie daughter in Civil War times before he became a vamp

  22. so cuite, i didnt ge to see the episode with the flashback of his daughter, got re watch the new season. I wonder if she’s bona show up all grown up but a vmapire like him.

  23. some girls like Justin beaver i like Bill, and Eric. They rule and make perfect undead actors :}. Eric and Bill lover.

  24. looking forward to it , and his flashback I hope we get the old bill back and not what they have done to him in the past seasons

  25. Been a fan since day 1..and Stephen (Bill) is always a class act even when evil…love him. So sad this will be the last season, I will miss this show and all the characters I have come to love.

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  27. True blood? Wasn’t that a series back in the 90’s?? Hell, it’s been so long since it’s been on – they could probably use real footage from the civil war.

  28. So sad that this is the last season. Thanx goes out to my son Chuck Heaps for getting me to watch the show!!!!

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