True Blood Season 7 to feature Bill Compton Civil War Flashback

Most Stephen Moyer and Bill Compton fans love the flashbacks that the show has had which give us glimpses into Bill’s past. There have been several Civil War flashbacks and in the final season of True Blood we learn that there is to be another Bill Compton flashback to when he was a human.

Bill will be going back to 1862 during the time of the Civil War and will clash with others around him concerning his thoughts on the ensuing war. Bill was turned into a vampire at the age of 30 in 1865, three years after the upcoming flashback.


But what does Bill’s 1862 flashback have to do with the drama in Season 7? With humans still waging a war on vampires and the Hep-V virus spreading, it’s possible that Bill could be looking to the past to solve some of the current problems plaguing Bon Temps. Another theory? The vampire can be thinking back to some of his regrets. Bill will be dealing with another war in the present as the threat of Hep V spreads. Moyer previously said that vampires and humans would be looking out for each other in final season of the show, as Enstars previously reported.

Bill and Sam [Sam Trammell] got together and kind of came up with this idea that each human should have their own vampire protecting them, so that’s another theme that we will follow throughout the season,” Moyer revealed.

There will a lot of human-vampire interaction in the final season of True Blood. The show is reportedly going back to the simplicity of the first season with humans and vampires coexisting in Bon Temps rather than branching off into many storylines.

Everyone’s going to come under the umbrella of that main story. These are complicated relationships now because they’re feeding – it’s not necessarily sex, but things get confused sometimes, especially in vampires’ minds.

As we previously reported, “True Blood” was looking to cast a 5-year-old Sarah Compton, Bill’s daughter with his wife Caroline. Sarah Compton will reportedly be seen in the 1862 flashback, but will not have a speaking role.

True Blood season 7 premieres in summer 2014 on HBO, though the network has not yet announced a premiere date.

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  1. That would be so nice if we could get season 8. Lord knows there is enough material with the books.

  2. Always appreciate a Bill Civil War flashback.  I’ll be interested to see how it plays into the Season 7 story line.

  3. I can’t get enough of true blood. I love all the characters on the show. I would hate to see it end. I can’t wait for the next season. Love you guys!!!! God bless.

  4. Just love the Bill flashbacks, especially the Civil War ones. I’m looking forward to it but as everyone is I’m sad it is the last season.
    @Mary Kay you are right we will get sideburns *yay*.

  5. Yes, they really let you know more about the character. Interesting that he haa a daughter, who turned her?

  6. HA HA! Many of us LOVE those sideburns and the Civil War flashbacks are always wonderful! Just reading such a long article threw me right back in the leaning closer to the computer to get every word, the tension is building for June……thank you ASM for the article! 

    This impatience for June has happened every year but this time I am soaking it up way more, the last one of the glorious True Blood years. love the bringing everyone under the umbrella of the original first season, Bon Temps has been “missing”.

  7. HBO hasn’t announced the exact date but we are guessing it’s June 15th. at least somewhere in that area of time. :-)

  8. When does season 7 appaers on HBO in Belgium ? Can’t wait to see it . Such a shame that it ends..:(

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