True Blood Season 7 Caroline & Bill “Big Hair” photo

Shannon Lucio posted a photo on her Instagram from the set of the last season of True Blood. Below is a behind the scenes photo of Shannon in her role of “Caroline Compton” posing with her on-screen hubby, “Bill Compton,” aka, Stephen Moyer taken on her last day on the set.

She writes:

shannonmlucio – 1 day ago
@stephenmoyer and I on my last day of shooting. #film #bighair #actress #ilovemyjob #hashtag #trueblood

Wow, that is some mighty big hair on both of them.  Thanks for the share Shannon!

Behold Caroline and Bill:

Caroline-and-Bill-Compton-trueblood season 7


  1. I loved that scene, and the way Shannon and Stephen acted together.  Stephen looked so dashing in that costume, so handsome.

  2. Caroline is beautiful, but I like more Sookie and Bill together. They should make another True Blood session. True Blood is my favourite vampire session,too much imagination . The nada session of vampire is not to good as True Blood. U0001f33aU0001f33aU0001f33aU0001f339U0001f339U0001f339U0001f31fU0001f31fU0001f31fU0001f31fU0001f31fU0001f48e

  3. Fun to see this pic. Look their costumes are coordinated. .  Thanks for sharing. 

    I love Bill Compton.

  4. I remember this scene. She is lovely and he has such a beautiful smile. Missing the show terribly.

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