Could a True Blood Season 7 Bill and Sookie hookup happen?

We’ve beem wondering for a long time if Bill and Sookie will get back together and there are some signs that it might be happening before the end of the final season. Watch the promo clip for this upcoming episode of the two together that we posted yesterday.

We found an article over at where they discuss some interesting ideas about the possibility of a Bill and Sookie hookup and that it just might just happen. With the loss of Alcide, and Eric’s pending death, Sookie’s love life is getting a little less complicated on True Blood and they project that this leaves only one real contender for Sookie’s heart: Bill Compton.

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On last week’s episode of True Blood, Pam told Bill not to risk his life to impress Sookie because they weren’t going to happen. To further disprove the Bill and Sookie forever theory, Sookie showed Eric more love and affection than she showed Bill all season.

Unlike previous True Blood seasons, we have no clue where this one is going. Spoilers are scarce. With all the sudden surprise deaths, we’re not even sure anyone will stay alive long enough to have any type of future on True Blood. The most likely ending of True Blood is everyone dying but Sookie and Jason. Then she starts a new life outside Bon Temps.

Pam’s words to Bill seemed like a foreshadowing of Bill sacrificing himself to win over Sookie’s love and forgiveness.

On the other hand, Pam’s words might be a trick to get viewers to give up on Sookie and Bill. Then surprise them when they reunite. Personally, we’d still be surprised if the series didn’t at least give Bill and Sookie some type of happy ending on True Blood‘s final season, especially since the series seems to blame everything that’s happened on their relationship.

They may have a dysfunctional romance, but the series has a “so what?” attitude about it. So why not give Bill and Sookie their happy ending on True Blood‘s final season?

I tend to agree with these assumptions, but because of all the talk of “many deaths” in season 7, my opinion is that the most likely outcome will be that Bill will sacrifice himself for Sookie, and meet the true end. However, my fervent wish is that HBO will throw us Bill fans a bone and insure that it doesn’t happen until the last half of the last episode at least, please!

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