Could a True Blood Season 7 Bill and Sookie hookup happen?

We’ve beem wondering for a long time if Bill and Sookie will get back together and there are some signs that it might be happening before the end of the final season. Watch the promo clip for this upcoming episode of the two together that we posted yesterday.

We found an article over at where they discuss some interesting ideas about the possibility of a Bill and Sookie hookup and that it just might just happen. With the loss of Alcide, and Eric’s pending death, Sookie’s love life is getting a little less complicated on True Blood and they project that this leaves only one real contender for Sookie’s heart: Bill Compton.

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On last week’s episode of True Blood, Pam told Bill not to risk his life to impress Sookie because they weren’t going to happen. To further disprove the Bill and Sookie forever theory, Sookie showed Eric more love and affection than she showed Bill all season.

Unlike previous True Blood seasons, we have no clue where this one is going. Spoilers are scarce. With all the sudden surprise deaths, we’re not even sure anyone will stay alive long enough to have any type of future on True Blood. The most likely ending of True Blood is everyone dying but Sookie and Jason. Then she starts a new life outside Bon Temps.

Pam’s words to Bill seemed like a foreshadowing of Bill sacrificing himself to win over Sookie’s love and forgiveness.

On the other hand, Pam’s words might be a trick to get viewers to give up on Sookie and Bill. Then surprise them when they reunite. Personally, we’d still be surprised if the series didn’t at least give Bill and Sookie some type of happy ending on True Blood‘s final season, especially since the series seems to blame everything that’s happened on their relationship.

They may have a dysfunctional romance, but the series has a “so what?” attitude about it. So why not give Bill and Sookie their happy ending on True Blood‘s final season?

I tend to agree with these assumptions, but because of all the talk of “many deaths” in season 7, my opinion is that the most likely outcome will be that Bill will sacrifice himself for Sookie, and meet the true end. However, my fervent wish is that HBO will throw us Bill fans a bone and insure that it doesn’t happen until the last half of the last episode at least, please!

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  1. I have no idea how it will all go down.  I would love a Bill and Sookie happy ending.  However, this is True Blood, and with all the deaths promised before the season ends, that seems unlikely.  Bill sacrificing himself for Sookie is certainly a possibility.  He’s said more than once how much he owes her.  I can see him making that ultimate sacrifice to keep her safe.

  2. The heart wants what the heart wants…they love and want each other. They are soulmates, and I think they will reconcile.

  3. I have how it seems to be the easy way of eliminating all possible contenders by killing them off and all bill did is just … Forgotten because well he’ll be the only one left to love Sookie. Ugh…

  4. Yeah pretty sure Bill’s going to die in the second to last episode because he finished filming a week or so before anna did. I could be wrong. But still. So stupid. This season really ruined this show for me.

  5. I would love for that to happen. I mean despite the fact he broke up with her, he never stopped loving her !

  6. True Blood first season, only season that followed the navel. Truly hope and wish for Bill and Sookie to reunite and have a happy ending…Let just wait and see how it goes with the final outcome shall we…Never say Never!!! @ for Eric, Eric’s belong with his true companion, Pam! The End…

  7. Sometimes I wish they would have stuck a lil closer to the books, but I can’t imagine seasons 2 and up without Lafayette! Regardless of who she ends up with I will miss the show when it’s over.

  8. True blood started with their love story. It has to end with it. BILL AND SOOKIE FOREVER!!!! ❤❤❤❤

  9. I think she will want to be with Bill because of her having his blood but he will say no because of her having his blood. He will be a good guy. But I don’t think they will let them be together.

  10. When they said they we’re going to get to the basics I think that’s exactly what they in the end it will just be the original characters hell it may even end right in that diner booth in Merlots where Bill and Skokie first met.

  11. This is how it SHOULD end – ultimately – in my mind – it’s what the show has always been centered around is their love for one another.

  12. Hmmmm…it would be nice if bill and sookie ends up together and just jessica and jason….really not nice that true blood is ending ey…sad face….xoxo

  13. She ends up with Sam. Why all the speculation?! She was always adamant that she’d did not want to be a vampire.

  14. I hope they get married like they were supost to b4 bill got kidnaped by those warewolfs , im hopeful it will be a happy ending

  15. I want Sookie to get her ring out that Bill proposed with I want her to put it on and tell Bill YES and then I want Bill to bite her and make her his for all eternity. while this is going on I want to her their song FEELS LIKE HOME by Chantel

  16. I agree sookie will be a vampire but hopefully bill lives because he has the same thing Eric has which sucks! I also started to watch this show because of sookie and bill! They are cute together! But I did like alseed also!

  17. What about that cure that one girl had for the vampire virus going around? Did the cure just disappear into thin air? I want to see Bill take the cure and turn Sookie. Happily ever after. :)

  18. SPOILERS AHEAD…..BOOK READERS ONLY!!!!……………………………………….So do you think that the series will be true to the book ending? If so, then there are gonna be some mad fans.

  19. Well considering the banner for this season has Sookie crying blood, ones to assume ages going to be turned. I hope she ends up with a happy ending… But the way the show is heading – who knows.

  20. Gees what a mess ; BILL HAS THE SICKNESS, SO WHAT GOOD WILL IT BE FOR THEM to get back , together??? I’TS PISSING ME OFF ABOUT ERIC AND BILL going to turn to mush for their ending…NO..THEY MUST FIND A CURE! in case they bring the series back…WHICH I’M PRAYING FOR! God I love this bunch…!

  21. Bill and eric is both infected so the only person i see her with is herself. Eric is dying and alcide is dead and now bill is sick also. i have heard the books are nothing like the show

  22. also eric showed more emotion with sookie then he ever has and he has not lost his memory this time, its really him. but i wonder how much of bill and erics feelings for her is her blood they can smell and is drawn to her? whats real

  23. I think they need to find a cure a heal Eric b/c Skokie and him make a awesome couple she makes Eric a better vampire and I believe her truly luvs her were bill still hangs to the past and his wife and family

  24. I want it all to be a dream…while she’s been in a coma from the Rattree’s (?) beating her up! Then when she wakes…we start new!!!

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