True Blood Season 6 Promo for 6.01 ‘Who Are You, Really?’

There was another video promo that aired last night on HBO. Below is that short video. This one is for the first episode of True Blood Season 6 and features Jessica and her struggle in episode 1 when everyone is out to kill Bill. It looks like Jessica wants to help Bill; let’s hope so! Can’t wait to find out what happens, can you? Only 6 more days of waiting!





  1. The Bill-Jessica maker-child relationship and scenes are among my favorites.  Looking forward to their interactions.  Will it be Jess to Bill’s rescue?  We’ll find out in just a few days.

  2. Bill looks like daywalking didn’t work for him.  I want Jessica to save him, and stay with him.  Love them together.

  3. Jessica is SMART and STRONG and she LOVES Bill and He loves her too!  There isn’t anyone who should stand in her way if she decides to do something. She will save Bill and I have faith that she will be a driving force to help him to overcome Lilith. She has overcome a lot in her short vampire life, but she has learned a lot too. She’s smarter than most of the other vampires and she’s Modern and not stuck in the ancient past like some. SHE LOVE BILL AND JESSICA WILL PREVAIL, I am certain of it.

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