True Blood Season 5 Finale Bonus Scene

See the bonus scene from True Blood’s HBO GO that HBO just loaded up on YouTube. Get a glimpse at Season 6. Seems like Nora knows who Warlow is, interesting.




  1. That transformation Bill has experienced is unbelievably dynamic. Being a huge fan of Stephen Moyer and the series, I just cannot see how both will survive these days and times. Bill looks truly frightening and other worldly. As much as I have resisted him, this teaser finds my guard for Eric coming down….again. When Bill reminds Sookie that “vampires often hurt the ones they love the most, it is near impossible to see an ending where all of my main characters stay on board. Developing Jason into some super vampire nemesis just isn’t ringing true for me except you get to see his classic American handsome father, who is slightly pedestrian, so the flashbacks are worth the price of admission. It wasn’t hard for me to bid Russell farewell. I know that the “True Blood” brass hold Dennis O’Hare in high regard, I cannot join in the idolatry. I like the fairies but the set design where they reside is so cheap and flimsy-looking that it undermines the complete fairy storyline. Unlike the mythic, Romanesque scenes where Sookie first meets other fairies, that little fairy abode looks like a cinch for Russell to devour.
    Thankfully, June will come fairly quickly. I need to buy Season 4/5 on Blu-ray!

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