Short Video Clip Glimpse of True Blood Season 3

This is an extremely short clip, but even so, it sure wets the appetite. From the HBO 2009 promo and what is to come for 2010. You see a quick clip of Sookie running out of the French Restaurant and then you see Bill shirtless with a bloody cut on his arm.

True Blood Season 3

Thanks to Billsbabe, LifeIsNotEasy for the video!


  1. Such a long wait until summer. I did not see the cut on poor Bill’s arm. However, his hair and makeup are vastly improved. OMGosh, this is going to be a long winter and spring.

  2. You know I have it bad for Bill when this tidbit sends me over the moon. I have missed him so much. Better hair and makeup. Would I appear greedy if I said I wanted more?

  3. Bill looks gorgeous and very natural…so far, so good. Could it be that S3 Bill will look like *squee*STEPHEN*squee* ?? Hope this is not a tease!

  4. It’s Christmas Eve and what’s foremost in my mind? Less than a second of video that I have watched at least 50 times since it was posted. At least. Not to mention the pausing and staring. I used to think of myself as a normal person, before I saw Bill…

  5. he looks amazing. no chalky makeup and no goofy hair. but can we please see him even more dirty, more naked, and more disheveled. thanks.

  6. if they let bill look more natural like he did in the beginning i’ll be so happy. that’s what all of his fans want. if they could get rid of eric’s wig they can let bill be original bill. it’s funy how when people see stephen out of character the first time they are blown away by his natural perfection.

  7. Please allow Bill (and Eric too) to look more natural – That white pasty make-up is horrible – we know they’re vampires and they don’t have to be chaulky white. And also, please, get rid of Bill’s horrible black hair because we all want the Bill Compton that was in Season One – PLEASE!!!
    BTW, the show is incredibly brilliant!!!

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