1. Thank you, Kristin and Lynn. The snake calls to mind The Garden of Eden. Maybe this is TB’s version. There could be layers of meaning to be deciphered, or it could be simply an intriguing cast picture.

  2. Oh he’s so handsome – I hope a bigger version comes out soon. Or individual shots. I like the colours, but it doesn’t look like they’re in Bon Temps. Where’s the bottom half of his body?

  3. Amazing and thought provoking . Everyone looks wonderful but Bill is made to order. He looks exactly the way we want him to look. Somebody must have taken note of our concerns about his hair and makeup last season.
    In a word perfection. ♥♥♥

  4. I agree with everyone Bill/Stephen looks like he should *HOT*. Love the Swamp of Temptation poster especially the vamps showing their fangs but my only quibble is why isn’t Bill flashing the fangs?

    1. I love that phrase.. “swamp of temptation” There certainly is one big temptation there. And I agree…I love a fangy Bill.

  5. Great poster of all and awesome job on the colors.

    Just one thing to say….SEXY SEXY BILL!!!!!!!!!!!
    We got our sweetheart back. Love the look and the hair.
    He is wearing a Henley!! Bless his beautiful soul!

    I this poster for sale yet???????

  6. Gorgeous poster!! Wow, everyone looks great, especially myBill and Sookie. There is a lot of imagery present to go with the pretty, HBO did a bang up job with this one.

    I can’t wait to buy the cast poster and the Bill/Sookie one to add to my growing collection.

  7. Yum, Yum, Bill and Sookie look fantastic. Everyone looks great but I melt at Stephen’s photo. I think it is kind of funny that they made their 1st poster for season 3 look like an artistic wallpaper. The folks at HBO must be taking note of the many wallpapers out there of their Stars.

    1. Smluvr, I think HBO listen to us and looked at what we want – perhaps- more than we think. We are, after all, their target audience!

  8. Okay Bill now that you have your Babes all sexed up what are you going to do about it? I’ll just nibble on you while you formulate a plan of action. On second thought you had better take a nip and feed from me. You are going to need all your strength to get through this lineup.

    1. Stephen aka Bill has really ruined me for other men…..he really has. Its becoming an issue.
      We got your back Bill for what ever happens come season 3…..

  9. MMMMMMMmmm, Bill looks delicious!! Stephen is such a beautiful, sexy man…..my eyes went straight to him when I looked at the picture!!

    Can we hope that Bill and Sookie aren’t going to be apart for very long? At least they are together in the picture……is AB toying with us or hints for things to come?
    How fitting is it that the snake is looking at Eric? Like knows like…..it’s like looking into a mirror for the snake. LOL!!! :P

  10. Awesome poster. Sexy, seductive and suggestive! My kind of show! Thanks Lynn and Kristin for sharing with us. I hope HBO plans to sell this on their website.

  11. Ladies, I love to follow your ideas.
    I think there are two possibilities for interpreting this picture. Either they laugh -at HBO -to our imagination and don`t understand what we’re talking about, or they are deeply impressed by the fact that we’ve come up with anything that they have hidden in this picture.

  12. I am second to none in appreciation of the very hot William Thomas Compton. Just wanted to mention the following which caught my eye, namely, the “Do Bad Things” in the upper right hand corner. I think it is safe to assume that everyone in that picture will be “doing bad things” in S3. But is it “Do bad things to you” or “Do bad things with you?” I’m thinking it will be a mix of both.

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