True Blood S1 is just as bloody brilliant as S2!

bsWe think True Blood S1 is just as bloody brilliant as S2!  And here’s why!

Below is an evaluation of the last year of TV, specifically the portion about True Blood, which overall is positive, reflecting on the fact that television is providing us with the most solid entertainment that includes great writing and character development. However, I just couldn’t let this one pass without a personal comment about the writer’s opinions, so here it is:

“While I totally agree and applaud the fact that Season 2 of True Blood was a great season that gave much to expand the already wonderful world of True Blood, I don’t agree with the evaluation below about Season 1.

It’s true that Season 2 had many monumental scenes and allowed Alexander Skarsgård to shine. It also provided one of the best scenes of the entire year, Godric’s death scene. However, S2 would be nothing without the adventure we experienced in Season 1. Season 1 was so groundbreaking, in my opinion, that it changed our perception of what could and couldn’t be done on TV. Season 1 included many monumental and extraordinary scenes, quotes, and was essential to, and enabled Season 2, to be so powerful. In other words, one without the other just cannot exist and they should not be compared.

However, what I disagree with the most below is that anyone could think the story of Sookie and Bill was, ‘just too blah’ completely amazes me.  And, to not mention Stephen Moyer as giving an equally good performance as the others also amazes me!


Here is the portion of this article that relates to True Blood. After you’re read it, please comment to let us know your thoughts. Should S1 be comparet to S2 in this way? Is the Bill and Sookie relationship, just too blah?

The past year has offered an enormous array of exhilarating or challenging TV.

Of late, television has become the medium to turn to for solid entertainment. The writing is tops, the character portrayal is never disappointing and most importantly, we find ourselves connecting to them on a level whereby we end up sharing their varied emotions. Or maybe, we are just obsessive about our favourite shows. Anyway, with this realisation, also comes a great relief – many of our favourite series seem to get better and better with each season and we, the audience, in turn, savour them with great relish.

True Blood

While Spike from Buffy, The Vampire Slayer is still my favourite vampire, Alexander Skarsgård’s Eric in True Blood is fast becoming my second favourite undead. Hence, it’s great that the second season of True Blood revealed more about this massive and ancient Sheriff. In a cast of excellent actors, it is not fair to single out Skarsgård but hey, my list, my rules. One of the biggest problems I had with True Blood’s first season was the story of Sookie Stackhouse (Anna Paquin) and Bill Compton (Stephen Moyer) was just too blah for my liking, despite who these two individuals are (one can hear other people’s thought and the other is an immortal of course). In the second season, the focus shifts slightly away from them two specifically to shine more on the irresistible secondary characters.

So what if True Blood turns in ridiculous plot developments? It peppers it with plenty of delicious humour – as if almost daring us not to be sucked into its world. Bloody brilliant!

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  1. Without the relationship between Bill and Sookie, there would be no story. They lay the groundwork for everything else that happens. I have to say that Stephen Moyer can act circles around AS…IMHO. I’m not putting AS down, by any means, but to say he is the best actor, as Sookie would say, just don’t cut it!

    Everyone in TB has a part to play and they all do a stellar job. S1 can not be compared to S2. They are all growing as the series progresses…some more than others. The story between Bill and Sookie will continue….maybe not as fast as we would like, but they aren’t going anywhere……so deal with it.

  2. The relationship between Bill and Sookie is central to TB. I do not find their relationship to be blah at all. Stephen Moyer, IMHO, is the best male actor on the show and does not get enough credit. He can convey more in a look or a gesture than with words. And AP is, of course, wonderful as Sookie. I always look forward to Lafayette and his humor. I like AS,as Eric, and he plays a very good antagonist to Bill & Sookie.

    S1 and S2 cannot be compared. S1 laid the groundwork and S2 simply built on it. I can’t wait to see what they do with S3.

  3. I think there are two major categories of viewers for True Blood – those who watch for the characters/relationships, and those who watch for the OMG!CRAZY! moments. I tend to be the former, especially where Bill and Sookie are concerned. Though I really enjoy some of the outlandish, crazy stuff they do, give me some great character development and take some time with story and I’m in heaven. That’s one of the reasons I loved season one (especially the first two-thirds of it) so much.

    Late season 1 and much of season 2 tended towards the OTT and crazy and left behind some of the characterizations and interactions I most enjoyed in season 1. But season 2 had its strong points too, and I can see why it gained even more of a mass audience by building on the groundwork laid by season 1. I always hope the show can keep a balance between the sublime and the ridiculous – sometimes it misses the mark, but more often than not I’m still very entertained by the endeavor. I don’t think True Blood is the best show on TV, but it is my favorite and the one that I will totally schedule appointments around and ignore phone calls for.

    1. lou, dude you basically said it like i was about to. i objectively see the faults in the show but it is still my favorite. and you are so right about the two different distinct groups of fans. i am in the former group as well. i think in season three they should try to balance the character development with the crazy to keep both camps happy. season two went a bit too out there for me at times. my problem with bill and sookie in season two was that there wasn’t as much sex. i didn’t mind them growing into a real relationship but we only got one real sex scene that was badly edited and rushed. show them really make love like you do in a mature relationship and the heat wil be back. now i have the angst of them breaking up and trying to find each other again to look forward to… but anyways season one rocked and was so unique from anything else on tv. season two lost some of the magic for me, but i’m still addicted, mostly thanks to bill.

  4. Comparing season 1 and season 2 is like comparing apples and oranges. Season 1 was the introduction and setup for all things to come. The relationship of Bill and Sookie started out slow with a nice burn in the middle of season 1 when they first had sex. Then to show that Bill was with a mortal they did mortal sweet things like lying in bed and talking after sex. That had to be one of the sweetest episodes. Pizza fangs for the kids. IMHO I feel season 1 was peppered with just the right amount of violence and gore!
    Season 2 although good with Tara, Laffy, Jessica, Sam and yes even Eric coming out more into the show, to me the love story of Bill and Sookie is still the most important factor of the show.
    I want to see Bill be more human he was shortchanged when he was human and wanting to get some of that back with a women he loves is really hot to me.
    Now season 3 has plenty to grow on even if new cast wasn’t introduced what we have learned about the others can grow even more.

  5. Here’s what I posted at The Vault … and I would add to it: you can’t have one without the other. 2 builds on 1.


    I have to say that Season 1 is my favorite of the two. I found the length of the maenad story distracting. While important to tell, I wish it could have wrapped sooner. However, it offered plenty of opportunities for the Bon Temps citizens to get involved and show their stuff.

    I love the Bill and Sookie relationship. Too blah?? Not by my reckoning. Okay, not as much time was devoted to them in 2. There were other stories to relate. I was okay with that for the most part.

    I hope the Bill and Sookie story arc is a long one. I’m eager to see what 3 has to offer for them, for other established characters, and for the new ones who will be introduced.

    Bottom line for me: I am a Vampire Bill girl when it comes to Sookie. I know what the books say. I can’t wait to see how things play out in the AB True Blood world. I may disagree at times, but I will never be bored. Bring it on, says I.

    *********************** added here:

    The TB world will continue to grow and expand. But for me the core will always be the relationship between Bill and Sookie.


  6. The TB story would not be if it were not for Sookie and Vampires. It is about a girl who falls in love with a vampire, accepts who he is as a person (albeit a dead one) and thus finally finds acceptance of who she is and what her “talents” can be used for. She as a person shines due mostly to her relationship with Bill. Season one was the best for me, I loved the romance and the sharp whit. Jason’s ignorance was so funny, the abs don’t hurt either. It was so different; adult in content with very sharp wit and such a sexy cast. Even though the V story got old, I could not wait for Bill and Sookie to shine together. I feel season two was such a success due to the romantic success and edginess of S1. No comparison to the two seasons as far as I see. S3 I think will be the real test. If too much gore and orgies appear without a romantic story line with a villain I know I won’t really want to see a fourth. I think the envelope has been pushed to the limit with the orgies and cannibalism. If AB can get past seeing just how far he can push sensors and get back to the story of Vampires and this telepathic young woman. I think he will have a fantastic story. BTW, I think Stephen Moyer is THE Vampire to watch! I would really like to see more of the 1st season Lafayette. I miss him!

  7. I do not understand how anyone could say the relationship between Bill and Sookie is blah. It is the foundation and cornerstone of TrueBlood. Without them it would be a hodge podge of stories that do not connect. That type of review is biased and without merit imo. The entire cast is remarkable and together they are stellar. IMHO Stephen Moyer is without a doubt the one that stands out . He makes it look totally effortless and natural. Without any dialog we would know exactly what he was conveying but please have Bill speak and often. Love Bill’s voice.
    Season 1 is special because that is when love bloomed and we had the best seats in the house to witness it unfold. We were introduced to wonderful characters and scenarios. Season 2 had some great moments as well and propelled the story forward as will season 3. Comparing seasons is meaningless because it is ever changing or else grow stagnant.

  8. Season 1 is my favorite. Sookie and Bill’s relationship to me was not too blah. Infact it was Bill and Sookie’s relationship that drew me into True Blood in the first place. Once Stephen Moyer walked into Merlottes I could not take my eyes off of the screen. Since then I hae become not only a Bill fan but also a Stephen Moyer fan. All the actors in True Blood do their parts very well, but Bill and Sookie’s relationship plus the chemistry between Stephen and Anna were what really pulled me in. I also loved Bill and Sookie in Season 2. Just the emotion they give to their characters is amazing!

    I also looooved Season 2 but just thought there were too many things going on but it was still a great Season. Season 1 will always be for me.:)

  9. Well, it’s safe to say that responders on this site will take exception to the remarks of this author … a man, I assume. I’m going to speak for all women here. I’m a professional woman and have many years of experience. Woman like the romance, the stuff leading up to the bedding. We don’t so much mind the bedding, but that other stuff, in this case the vaginal quaking looks that Bill gave Sookie … just saying her name the way he did, laid the ground work for all other activity of the boinking nature.

    And there’s nothing like the first time in these monumentally romantic stories. In real life, of course, there’s a lot more fumbling and false starts. But those first few episodes were magical. I couldn’t NOT watch. Sorry for the double negative there, but you know what I mean. Season 1 was the set up, the discovery, and the proof that the man had some majorly good moves. Season 2 was Bill and Sookie settling into the Barkoloungers with their Snuggies. And if you love Too Fast, Too Furious, you were a big fan of Season 2. I’m more a Wuthering Heights kind of professional woman (by the way, I know I don’t speak for ALL woman … just the professionals).

    1. i have always noticed a huge difference between the types of fans that prefer each season. usually it goes without saying that more bill fans like season one better. it all makes sense. bill fans tend to enjoy more subtlety in the storytelling and true romance. it takes more time to build depth doing that. i can enjoy a rollicking adventure too, but it needs to stay focused. season two was way all over the place. but more importantly it didn’t seem to maintain any core element in mood like season one did. there was distinct and eerie sense of danger, mystery, and eroticism in season one that was missing recently. that is what made the show so compelling to me.

  10. Copying my reply from The Vault:

    Bill and Sookie’s relationship boring? I respectfully disagree. That relationship was core of S1. It had me hooked right off the bat. The chemistry was evident, and I loved every minute of watching their relationship grow in S1. It was magic. I also thought the other character introductions were done very well. S1 was a fantastic season, and it set the bar pretty damn high for future seasons.

    S2 shifted the focus off Bill and Sookie a bit, and I was ok with that. There are other characters to explore, and for the most part, I really enjoyed S2. The Maryanne storyline went far to long. I loved how it ended but, I’m surprised it took the whole season to get there. I enjoyed seeing Godric’s story play out. Same with Jessica. I loved watching Bill try to guide her through the ways of being a vampire. Another good point was Andy and Jason fumble their way through trying to help Sam. Another high point for me was seeing Bill and Sookie work to bring Tara back from the brink, if only momentarily.

    I also enjoyed seeing Eric cementing his status as the resident bad boy. I know their are fans that do not agree that he’s a bad guy, but I see it that way. He manipulated Bill and Sookie, and even Laffy. But you know what? There’s nothing wrong with that. He’s a good foil for Bill. And I enjoy seeing Stephen and Alex play off each other. And while an Eric/Sookie pairing holds no allure to whatsoever, I understand that wrenches need to be thrown into the Bill and Sookie relationship. I’m resigned to it, and know how it’s been playing out in the books, but I sincerely think at the end of the show, it will be Bill and Sookie.

    All and all, I love both seasons for different reasons. I love the changes that Alan has made and I’m ready for more great stuff in the future.

  11. Is anybody surprised that an Eric/AS fan would find the Bill/Sookie romance “blah”? Too bad for him/her there are MANY of us Bill fans who only tuned in to the second episode (AND the second season!) because of Bill Compton and the Bill/Sookie romance!! If anyone found their romance “blah” it certainly wasn’t the fault of the actors IMO who have amazing chemistry with each other.
    Season two had its good scenes…99% of the good scenes had Bill in them :P…but in this viewer’s not-so-humble opinion it wasn’t nearly as good as Season one! Stephen Moyer is amazing in every way….and is without a doubt (IMO) the best actor on television. It doesn’t hurt that he’s also gorgeous to look at and lovely to listen to. No, I’m not totally shallow….I also watch for the drama but if it’s Stephen in the scene I’m glued to my set without blinking through the whole scene because I don’t want to miss one expression of his beautiful face. He says more with an expression than most actors say with a whole page of dialogue. Yes, I’d like more Bill Compton in Season three, please!!

  12. Thanks to all for posting, the discussion is really interesting and quite enlightening. I knew you would all have valuable contributions to make, Thanks again.

  13. I think the writers took a huge risk in S2 and simultaneously developed a whole slew of characters and storylines. I think this paid off with increased viewership. There was a lot going on and each and every actor played their role flawlessly. I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a gifted ensemble. I’ve always felt that I could not imagine anyone but Stephen playing Bill. That is still true, but now I feel the same way about Lafayette, Terry, Jessica,Tara,Godric. etc. There were so many powerful performances in S2. For many people, this might have made S2 seem better that S1.

    HOWEVER, I was ‘not totally happy’ with the way Bill’s role was written in S2. In S1, they presented a complex, assertive, multi-dimensional, masculine, sexual Bill and then diluted him until (IMO) he was almost unrecognizable in S2. As Bill Compton is my absolute favorite character and my reason for tuning in to True Blood, this made S2 seem (for me) way NOT better.

    In contrast, S1 was the ‘Bill & Sookie’ show and focused on the development of their relationship. As a result, a lot of people feel connected to them. IMO, S1 also laid down many of the show’s central themes. Ideas like ’embracing otherness’ came into play over and over again. In my mind, Bill and Sookie are the embodiment of that major theme and so were very important to S1.

    1. i totally agree about them missing the mark in writing bill last season. he had some good moments and stephen played every moment well, but his storyline wasn’t as compelling as it was in season one. they made him loose his edge. bill’s complexity is the #1 reason i think he’ he best character. they took out his inner struggle and mystery this season. big mistake. i loved how unpredictable he was in season one. not only with sookie. he had awesome scenes with everyone he came into contact with. this season he was mostly just the good guy vampire. we know he’s good, but he’s also flawed. and we like that.

  14. Season 1 will always be my favourite, I was even tempted to stop after the last episode because I didn’t like the looks of the “Two weeks later” and the sweet kiss after Sookie invites Bill back in seemed like a perfect ending.
    But I liked more than I disliked about season 2. I loved seeing Bill trying to be Sookie’s rock through all the difficulties. I liked watching his struggles with Jessica, taking charge at the Hamby’s, his awsome flashbacks, and taking the lead in getting rid of Maryann. And because I love Bill despite the fact that he’s a vampire, not because of it, I absolutely adored all the intimate conversations with Sookie and watching them bond.

  15. The first thing that I have to say is that Bill/Stephen is the reason why I tuned in to watch season 2. Season 1 was, by far, my favorite season. From the moment that Bill strolled into Merllotte’s he swept me off my feet and left me begging for more. So lets give credit where credit is due. If season 1 wouldn’t have been so good, so many people wouldn’t have tuned in to season 2. Stephen and Anna were the leads for season 1 so the success or failure of the show was riding on there shoulders. If they would have really sucked in season 1 then, I don’t think, that so many would have tuned in to season 2. I’m not dissing any of the other actors. I think they are all really phenominal and I loved all of them in season 1.

    Looking back on season 2 I really loved Bill even more. In season 1 I fell in lust with him and in season 2 I fell in love with him. The second season Bill really showed his good, loving, and devoted side. I loved the fact that he was there to support Sookie, no matter how stupid here decisions were, and catch her when she fell. I read where alot of people felt that Bill was too submissive to Eric and that he had no spine. Well, looking back, I don’t feel that way. Bill knows that standing up to Eric in Dallas is risking Sookie’s life. Eric could have just taken Sookie and, from Bill’s perspective, that would have been deadly to her. Because he knew that Eric was out to save his maker and would have risked anyone’s life, from Bill’s perspective Sookie’s, to do that. Plus, just by going to Dallas, to protect Sookie and get in Eric’s way was standing up to him and I don’t think that Eric expected that. Not to many other Vampires would have the courage to get in Eric’s way and come out alive the way that Bill did. So I think that Bill handled Eric masterfully. Then, at the end you have Bill fighting, side by side, with Sookie and Sam to save Bon Temp. You just can’t beat that. I think that season 2 has given us a sneak peak that Bill is the vampire capable of taking Eric down. Just, not directly.

    1. Let me make a correction here. Not many other Vampires would have the courage to get in Eric’s way and the ability to come out alive the way that Bill did.

  16. Season 1 was by far the better of the two seasons. Not only was it the introduction to this marvelous world Alan B has created for us (kudos to the entire cast) but it brought together two wonderful people. Bill and Sookie.

    Their story is so special. She is a lonely girl with an ability that has created a bubble for her emotionally and physically.
    Bill is a lonely, haunted, tormented man/vampire, that we realize is trying to find a little of what he lost, so cruelly.
    Finding one another and the relationship they have forged is a beautiful thing. Their exploration of that relationship is also an exploration of each other and will shape their future. Their love story is the heart and soul of True Blood.

    It is their story that has glamoured so many. If it was not for Bill (played so amazingly by the incomparable Stephen Moyer)and Sookie, the first season would not have become the phenomena it has. It is the “cake” or substance that allows for the “icing” that was season 2 to develop.

    I came on board because of Bills character and of course Stephen Moyer. He glamoured me and so many, from the first time we glimpsed those gorgeous and so expressive eyes, in Merlottes, on that fateful night.

    Bill is the kind of character that is worth watching. His past has made him multilayered and so fascinating. I loved him, cried for him, and routed for him in S1 and even more so in S2. Finding out more about his violent past, in S2, only made me feel for him more. Even with what he had to endure under the “gentle” teachings of his maker, he was able to rise above and strive to be a better man for it. This “road” he is on, back to his humanity, is definitely one that I will watch with grat anticipation. How can you not want to admire him? He is dark and light. A tantalizing combination.

    I look forward to S3 and the return of all the wonderful characters, as well as new cast members. But it is Bill and Stephen that will always bring me “home”.

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