True Blood Runs Season 6 Marathon for New Year’s Eve

Get out your Tru Blood drink and popcorn because it’s time to run another marathon viewing of True Blood.

HBO is airing all the episodes from True Blood Season 6 tonight for New Year’s Eve.  The first episode airs at 8pm on HBO2.  Refresh yourself on what happened in the sixth season in preparation for the upcoming finale Season 7.

See schedule screencap below:




  1. whoo hoo! i just set the DVR to record and it made my mind up as to what we are going to do tonight! off to make an Angel Cake for our TB marathon!

  2. I can not Waite I hope the Marathon starts off with SEASON 1 to season 6 like Amc is doing with the Walking Dead Season one to Season 4. It be stupid if hbo just show SEASON 6 because you don’t have a season with out the first the season that started it all just saying that’s my option I wish Amc would get trueblood n buy it

  3. Damn im still watching anyways cant get enought of stephen. Moyer love my Bill Compton best male vamp on. Trueblood.

  4. Eric was to blame for the government trying to kill the vamps n attacking them n. His sister. Dying. In season. 6 if he didn’t kill that guy from the army in season 5 then the government wouldn’t of declared a shoot to kill vampires in season 6 and Eric’s sister wouldn’t of been killed I. Will miss Nora Steve terry n Luna. In season 7 just saying

  5. Love the tv series but loved the books too. Nice to see what the difference are!!! Just want to be able to see series 6 now, got to wait till May 2014 for DVD’s in Uk!!!

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