Will True Blood return and if so, would you watch with no Bill?

TrueBloodS01E01-6bOver at  cartermatt.com, we read an article where they hypothesize about the possibility of True Blood returning to HBO. Wow, could this really happen? While it may seem like a long shot, of course, anything is possible and we thought it was certainly worth reporting about it.

Below, they mention some pretty convincing reasons why it might return. Read excerpts (and our comments about him below in purple) from their post below:

Through the first three seasons, we’d argue that “True Blood” may have been one of the most-popular series on television. Viewers loved it, critics praised it, and it set the tone for twisted supernatural drama in the way that we see it now on many other shows.

While True Blood didn’t satisfy the fans as much in the later seasons as it did in the first three, for us Bill fans the ending of the series was nothing short of criminal. However, Cartermatt considers True Blood to be a show that deserves cosideration of a revival because they think it’s “worth more than the way it ended.”  That’s so true! 

We also agree with their conclusion that the various character endings for True Blood were:

so far disconnected from the show that it was hard to care about many of them. This finale remains regarded as one of the worst-received of the past several years.”

For such a fabulous and groundbreaking show to disappear after leaving such a bad taste with the fans is really sad.

Here’s their arguments as to why the return of the show might just happen: 

True Blood drew big ratings for HBO throughout its run, and even to date “Game of Thrones” is the only thing they have that draws significantly better ratings. The big issue here is just getting the cast rounded up again given that so many of them are now on other shows and off doing other things.

Also, HBO would need a super-compelling reason to bite at this again, given that they have a reputation of great programming (for the most part) that they don’t want to ruin anything by bringing back a show that is already polarizing, only to not deliver on the material.

They go on to suggest a couple of ideas of how a new series just might work if the show was resurrected:

The first is to rewind from the closing flash-forward and show how Sookie met her new man, and some of the problems that awaited her moving forward from Bill. We have a hard time imagining that this was smooth sailing! Also, you could see Eric and Pam’s rise to power in the business world.

Another idea is to merely set the show months removed from the end of the flash-forward, and tell a new story almost as though this was not really the end. Given that this is a world where there are always new threats waiting in the wings, the writers could think of reasons to throw Sookie back into the fire.

Personally, in our opinion, there is no True Blood without Bill Compton, so, we have our own ideas of what we’d like to see. Since Bill was killed in the last episode of True Blood, and there is no way in hell we would want to see True Blood without Stephen Moyer as Bill Compton not be included, we like the idea of a “prequel” which would tell the vampire story from an earlier time.

  • Post Civil War – the whole story of what happened to Bill life after he was turned by Lorena could be explored. The era is fascinating and there are decades to cover.  Perhaps each season could be a decade in itself?
  • Bill’s human life – Why not investigate Bill’s human life up until the time he was turned; that would be fascinating.
  • Eric and Bill’s friendship throughout the decades.

And, if HBO would be shy of committing to an entire series, what about a mini-series or a TV movie? This idea seems more reasonable to us as it would only require the cast to devote a short period of time to it’s filming.

Do you think “True Blood” should return, even for it’s redemption if nothing else?

Do you have any other ideas of how True Blood might continue? Leave us your thoughts in the comments below.

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