True Blood releases titles and wraps filming on Season 7

HBO has released the titles for the last episodes ever of True Blood for it’s final season 7. We’ve already reported on the titles for the first 6 episodes and episode 10, which you can see in the Season 7 Episode Guide, but but the titles for 7,8 and 9 are:

  • Episode 7.07 – One Last Time
  • Episode 7.08 – Getting Closer…To the Ground
  • Episode 7.09 – Love is to Die

Pages will be added shortly to the Episode Guide for these episodes.

season 7 titles

Also, today is the very last day of filming the series as Anna Paquin posted on Twitter last night.

Screenshot 2014-07-09 14.21.10

While we understand that True Blood’s end has come, we have to admit it is very sad. We will miss True Blood so much!!!



  1. Endless thanks to the cast and crew for all the wonderful entertainment. We will cherish each episode forever.

  2. Thank you to everyone who has brought us such enjoyment and excitement with this entertainment…it just leaves us all for lusting for even more. Myself and your fans could never get enough of what you brought. You all are already sorely missed!

  3. I love this show so much. It’s disappointing that major characters are slowly being eliminated or killed off rather. I don’t feel like this was necessary but it keeps me watching til the BITTER end!

  4. Year after year I couldn’t wait wait for True Blood. Once a year seemed like forever. I will truly miss the show, and all of you who took part in an incredible show. Thank you.

  5. last season is too emotional for me. i think they did great. but did tara have to die along with others

  6. We all knew folks were going to die in the final season…. Key people have to go to make it a true finale… But if they kill my LALA…. All hell will break loose ..

  7. I only get 1 more episode of season final. I will have to wait til it come out on dvd:( I will miss it so in Rochester Mn. sad days until then

  8. Maybe one day yall can have a reunion.  I am so sad.  My husband and I watch every season and the past reruns together.

  9. I love this show so much!! I love the characters, and the screen shots of how Bill looks at Sookie & just everything!!! So sad it’s over :(

  10. I’ve watched every episode. I’ve loved every episode. I will miss my favorite vampires. True Blood forever!!

  11. So sad True Blood is ending. Thank you to the cast and crew for giving myself and endless fans in the UK a wonderful program that we could escape into and the wonderful characters we could only dream of meeting. Thank you again and I hope that the future is good to you all.

  12. I wish they would do a super bloody sex movie in a couple of years. True blood has so many fans out there that a movie would do great. Thank u for 7 years of entertainment.

  13. really going to miss this show and the characters so much,hell I already do,thank goodness I have all the seasons ,and on demand to look back on all this.

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