More True Blood Promotion hits the streets

Yes, the season promotion is certainly kicking into gear with new promotional items like the TV Guide magazine cover we just posted and the posters that have been showing up all over the internet.

And, today it’s a True Blood Season 6 poster that features Alexander Skarsgård, Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer has been posted online for the June 3rd release of the Season 6 DVD.

season 7 ericsookiebill poster

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  1. what date is this released again. it used to be in May and I am all messed up with the June release

  2. Eric…isn’t dead, ya realize the season ended with him burning but he didn’t do the typical blow up, he isnt dead

  3. Going to miss you! Have drivers, turning on to it. Now you leaving. Watching True Blood, like doing drugs! Lol!

  4. Eric isn’t dead… they’re just trying to keep the suspense with the S7 promotional stuff…

  5. Why is it ending. I’ve read all the books .it seem to be it’s ending to soon. I love the show and the books.

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