True Blood is one to cheer in 2009

True Blood is “one to cheer” in 2009.¬†Cable channels continued to set the bar for quality television during the year. And that bar was set dazzlingly high. On the list of those series on cable to cheer for is True Blood!

It seemed to be a year of tawdry tabloid topics dominating the television landscape in 2009 like Tigergate, “Jon & Kate” and a “Late Show” confession by David Letterman. Was there no place for challenging, compelling, sharp-witted, innovative viewing choices in 2009? There was! It was a refuge called cable and there was plenty to cheer in 2009.


“True Blood” (HBO): It’s true. Executive producer Alan Ball’s vampire series became a richer, sharper, more intriguing metaphoric mix in its second season. The peripheral characters grew in number and complexity, but the heart of the story remained the romance between telepathic Sookie Stackhouse (Anna Paquin) and vampire Bill Compton (Stephen Moyer).



  1. Thank you, Lynn, for posting. True Blood’s world is a rich one. A very talented ensemble cast gives vigor and amazing creativity to the story of Bon Temps and its citizenry. And I have to say that the Bill and Sookie romance remains the heart for me, also.

  2. Was it AB who said TB is popcorn for smart people? It is not the run of the mill programing. I agree the romance between Bill and Sookie is the heart and soul of the show but it offers many other components as well.

  3. Lynn thanks for posting. Yes cable always has the better shows. I guess because they can be me more complex and more intense. True blood does both the complex stories are great. It just isn’t a love story or a mystery it touches on so many levels that almost anyone can find something of interest from metaphors for gays, equal rights, religion, etc.

    Then of course is our hero Bill. The torn, romantic vampire who hates being a vampire, is in love with a mortal and is sire to a female teenage vampire that makes his head spin! Well any of you that know me already know Bill is the reason I turn in each week. I fell in love with Bill in episode one of season one.

  4. HBO is willing to take a chance and be ahead of the rest ,,, not followers of a trend. You and me, LTB …Bill is the reason I’m so engrossed in the show. And what are these little buggy things next to our names? They look like Herpes under a microscope.

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