1. I found the last scene with Bill & Lorena disturbing. From my POV, Bill was raping Lorena, and twisting her head was evidence that he wouldn’t look at her, he hated her so much. Rape was the most horrible and most degrading act he could do to her, since he couldn’t kill her, and the lamp-lighting didn’t do much to her.
    However, she still seemed to get some pleasure out of it. Is this just because she is a vampire, and as long as it’s sex, it’s good, or just because she”loves” Bill so much she doesn’t care if it’s angry, hate-filled sex, as long as it’s him?
    Did the writers intend for Bill to actually have some enjoyment in this act? Because he seemed in agony to me.

    1. That was not rape, she obviously wanted him to fck her and he did it out of rage, frustration and hate. Had she not wanted him she would have fought him off, she is much stronger then Bill and he is not capable of physically overpowering her. I see this as an attempt to mentally overpower her and humiliate her. I did not give him pleasure.

  2. Yes, I totally agree with you. I guess I called it rape simply from his POV. He did it out of rage, as you said.
    I get the distinction you are making, since Lorena did want it. Certainly from her POV it was not rape, and I guess if you call it rape it has to be from her POV, so I stand corrected.

  3. I appreciate the commentary from Mr. Lehmann and Mr. Woo.

    As to the rape/not rape, I am definitely of Shad’s opinion. Bill had no enjoyment in this. He took her out of rage, frustration and anger. Lorena wanted it, even enjoyed it … hence her smile and “I love you” when her head was twisted all the way around. She could have stopped him with her superior strength. She wanted everything that he dished out.

    Lorena stole his humanity, and separated him from his wife and children. She comes to taunt him when he is at his lowest point. Now he must break off with Sookie in order to keep her safe. Lorena’s kiss burst the dam of Bill’s anger and frustration.

    I mentioned this in another post. Bill remained fully clothed. He did not want the closeness of skin on skin with Lorena. She didn’t merit it.

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