1. I first read this on the yuku site. I love the article and the pics. I’ll be heading out to find my copy tomorrow. Good pic of our fangilicious Bill.

  2. Can’t wait to get my copy, Stephen is so adorable, charming and witty as always, love the little interviews of the cast.

  3. Got my copy! Well, two. One came in the mail, the other one made it into my bag at the store. Not sure how that happened. :D

    Great pics, nice write-up. I reeeeally want to be Anna’s left hand!!

    1. Hahahaha, oh my god Lou, I just read your post then looked again at the picture–you are TOO FUNNY!

      Of course I have to agree!

  4. Our Waldenbooks had 4 copies, so I hustled out the door about 30 minutes ago to get mine. Took a good long look at Anna’s left hand once I got the copy in my hot little hands.

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