True Blood: A Farewell to Bon Temps – Sunday, June 15th

HBO is planning to have a farewell show to True Blood where the cast sit down and talk about their memories. The program, True Blood: A Farewell to Bon Temps premieres Sunday, June 15th at 8:30PM/7:30C, only on HBO.

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Watch a preview of what we can expect to see below:

source: HBO on YouTube


  1. Of Course its ONLY on HBO. I don’t have HBO. Can’t see it on line either, because I live in Canada… Grr.

  2. got hooked on it ……….and now it will be gone ……have bought the dVD’s up to season 6 waiting for it .

  3. This is a special episode on the 15th probably recapping all the previous seasons. The final season premier is on the 22nd.

  4. been waiting for so long for this, I just can’t believe this will be it though that show is awesome and should go on

  5. Psych…over. Being Human…over. Now True Blood. What is up with all of my shows coming to an end :*(

  6. I have True Blood beginning with it’s premiere episode and have been a fan ever since. While I loved Sookie with Bill, I loved her with Eric but I think her true partner is Alcide. Oh how, I am going to miss Lafayette, Eric, Jason, Arlene, Pam, Jessica and the bunch. It’s been a great run. From my heart to yours I wish each and everyone of you success.

  7. Im Still in Disbelief!! To Be with Such a Great Show from the Beginning, Only to see it Come to an End Much Much too Soon, REALLY SUCKS (Pardon the Pun)!!! Gonna Miss the Hell out of it; The Characters, Plots, Theme Song, The Twist, The Unexpected, and the Anticipation of Seeing what Happens Next, Damn #OneSadFan #Trueblood

  8. I thought it was coming back on the 22nd of June not the 15th. Definitely glad the show is coming back. Sad it’s the last season.

  9. Don’t get me wrong…I like Eric too….but Sookie and Bill were great together at the beginning…

  10. Marc Reed ….the 22nd is the Final Season Premiere, the 15th is just a sit down with cast talking about their memories on the show..I’m sure it would be worth watching for any True Blood fan

  11. I live without cable tv I only get it for 3 months in summer just for true blood I guess this is the last year I will have cable since this is going to be gone. :>(

  12. It Really jumped the Shark already, guys, you know it did! The story was getting too far fetched…

  13. awe :'( I am so not ready to say goodbye!! .. Wish it wasn’t ending & Thank you to you both :)

  14. I will be sad to say goodbye to some of my most favorite actors! The quality of writing to acting has not been equaled recently! I’ll miss those wonderfully interesting characters! Let’s hope someone picks it up for reruns!

  15. So glad season 8 is just days away BUT extremely sad that is a final season just like Dexter all my favorites are coming to an end I’m just heartbroken

  16. I mute the tv and look away when previews come on, I’m so sad that this is the last season! I want every episode to be a surprise

  17. Erica this is gonna be sooooooo bitter sweet… I’m happy its back but super sad this is the end

  18. i cant wait to see season 7 but its a big time shame it has to end tho because it was a great hbo tv series for sure better then a lot of tv series and shows if u ask me

  19. yeah..tsktsk..pero atleast may madodownload na uli ako..di ko na kasi naiinitindihan ung ibang napapanuod ko..basta download na lang..ahahahaha

  20. I can’t believe it is ending!!!! I have watched it from day 1 and now it is ending! NOOOOOOOOOOOO

  21. Hate to see that show end. Love it but the vampires are looking older and vamps aren`t supposed to age physically. Love Eric and Pam! They rock.

  22. I can’t wait! It’ll help to remember our fave show with the actors and others who bring them to life. And welcome back, Alan Ball!

  23. You can’t leave me – not again!! I can’t be without you. If you must leave take me with you, make me your “child”.

  24. NO!!! You can’t end my favorite of all time. I was watching Dexter. That show ended for good. Do not take aother show from me please. I Love watching True Blood so much. Vote if you want True Blood to stay around for a couple more seasons. YES or NO!!!!

  25. I don’t want it to end either I love true blood..
    don’t END WE NEED TRUE BLOOD :(((
    and from the trailers looks like sookie is
    getting back with Bill hopefully they are ment to be..
    also hi aunt Joanie Gene Saylor

  26. This is my favorite show ever and I am so sad that it’s over. What happened? Thanks for all the memories, but man c’mon not enough seasons!

  27. I’m the same ! Was amazing then especially after reading all the books, I took along time to bother watching the last two. But I’m excited for this it’s run it’s time now x

  28. Loved this show to start with but thought the last couple of series weren’t so good. Nowhere near the quality of the books which are brilliant. Hoping the final series is excellent

  29. This show could have been so much more CH had a great series, sookie adventures didn’t need to change all that needed to happen was keeping the other story lines going…so sad and so excited, I hope this season proves that true blood can come back maybe for longer vamps are immortal after all..

  30. Please do not let this gem go. Its the best thing that happened to HBO. Please, use the contract extension to do more seasons.

  31. I agree with you Patti! I want Bill & Sookie back together too, I want them to go back to the restaurant where they got engaged!

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  33. whats sad is I have not read the books and I still have not enjoyed it if Alexander Skarsgard was not on it I would have stopped watching altogether

  34. Yep… Sundays after u get off work Felicia Simons, yep darken the house and blunt it up with some true blood!!

  35. Eric better survive somehow, he’s by far the best thing in it! Doesn’t look good though – he doesn’t seem to be in the cast list. :'(

  36. Great ACTORS but the drama changed and turn into a piece of crap. Now we will see zombies vampires !! What a STUPID season this one is going to be. No imagination ! Bad writers

  37. really its the best vampire movie but some people not respect anything great job steghen moyer and all the actors

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  39. I can’t wait – goin to have to try and stream it as it won’t show in the UK till couple months later :(

  40. This will be the end of hbo for me. The only reason it was worth 30.00 . Is because of trueblood

  41. Really looking forward to this!!!!! BUT super Sux True Blood is ending…..
    Maybe a movie in the making???

  42. It really sucks that this is the last season. they could have warned toe dedicated fans before they started advertising this season. No warning and time to prep our heads for it. They should at least have a couple more seasons!

  43. I want to see more of that interview!!! I don’t know what I will do once TB is finished but I plan to savor this final season.

  44. Don’t you mean Bon to not Bon temps. Am I mistaken I know that’s what the books say and I could swear I remember it being the same on the show? Scratching head :)

  45. I just switched back to HBO to watch the final season. Anybody else subscribe to HBO just to watch TrueBlood?

  46. Sad to see Such an Awesome Series having to End I have Seen EVERY Episode some Even Twice as I DVR Series for My Fiance as is OTR Driver

  47. Thanks Micheline (Pretty Name lol) Yes Micheline and Shelia, Im Missing it Already, Havent even seen the last Season Yet, but I too felt like the Characters are Family, like Im there with them. So Glad Im amongst Other Die Hard Fans as well :) Wondering why it must end too :(

  48. How come it over? Your smart, you can figure out other episodes to do, please don’t leave us, I’ll have to start from the beginning and watch reruns…:(


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