True Blood (Extra Segment) Farewell to Bon Temps

sookieandbillfarewellNew extra clip video from the “Farewell to Bon Temps special”. Showrunner, Brian Buckner talks about how it was time to make an end to True Blood but it was “daunting.”

Watch the clip below:

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  1. Good to have that “love story” reminder. 
    That gives me some hope for Bill and Sookie.  At this point I honestly
    don’t know how it will all turn out. I am glad that the show has come full circle and returned to its Bon Temps roots.

  2. I am so emotional about this.Farewell to Bon Temps means farewell to an amazing “journey” both for the show and for me personaly….

  3. NEVER thought I would go for this kind of show at this point in my life – what a surprise, I have never missed an episode and watched them over and over like I never saw them inbetween each season – no show will hold up against this one I don’t think. Each actor that has played in this series was absolutely perfect and I will miss this so very much.

  4. I will miss this entourage so much! How lucky all of us fans have been to have this amazingly talented group of actors on the same show. What a ride it has been. I wish it could go on and on but I understand the reasons for ending the show. However, it will go on and on through watching and re-watching the DVDs.

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