1. I’m shocked about Tara. I can’t believe she’s gone. Also now I’m wondering where is Eric? Is he alive?

  2. That’s a theory that Tara isn’t dead that her mom killed her. It wouldn’t shock me her mother being the ass that she is. I like seeing Sookie with Alcide, but I don’t think her full heart is in it. I don’t think it’s meant to be.

  3. I kind of expected the episode to be a whole hour… Guess we’ll be getting less time to wrap up in the end…feeling #Sad…

  4. I didn’t see Eric in any of the “future” videos and he wasn’t in the first episode. If I don’t see him in the next episode I’m gonna be a super pissed TB fan!!!

  5. Tara isn’t dead. No one saw her die and she was kicking that vamp’s ass! The fact that her death was mentioned several times without proof means she’ll show up later in the season!

  6. nooooooooooooooo not my tara.why coudlnt it have been her nasty mean mom.tara thorton i love u.i balled when her mom said they killed my baby.and i saw it was teras mom.well i hate tara leaveing.but still was on the edge of my seat.i love u trueblood.#1 kick ass show

  7. I cant believe it ether Tara was kicking the shit out of that Vampire..unless the mother killed both of them..??? whacked..so sad if she is..loved Tara…

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