True Blood Episode 7.07 Recap “May Be The Last Time”

PROMOVID7-300Below is a video recap of this week’s True Blood episode 7.07 showing us the highlights that happened.


This past episode which aired on August 3, really set things up for several story lines to be concluded in episode 8.  Watch what happened in the 7th episode of True Blood.





  1. I dont know how this ends but most series finales that end turn out shitty. Hes probably going to die and go to the afterlife with his family.

  2. First they get rid of being human and now this heartbreak of losing true blood! Oh the humanity! I’m gonna miss my supernaturals.

  3. This show is awful. This season has sucked. Every episode. But every dull moment will have been worth it, if Sookie dies. #TrueBloodsucks

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