True Blood Episode 5.11 Recap “Sunset”

Below is a video recap of this week’s True Blood episode 5.11 showing us the hightlights that happened.

Has Bill Completely gone to the dark side? We’ll find out more next week when the finale airs.



  1. @AllStephenMoyer @Rascal207 @babbit_janeway That episode was freaking amazing!! 1 more to go…don’t want it to be over!!!

  2. @BillComptonTB5 @allstephenmoyer should never have slept with the authority stay true to sookie and stop sucking authority ass

  3. Oh my … where to begin.  Lilith pits the chancellors against one another by choosing multiples to be in charge; looks like Andy is in for trouble since he reneged on his light promise to Mirella; Bill is caught up in the Lilith fervor (I hate his cruelty to Jessica); Jason and Jessica worked together to trick and kill the security guards and sidestep her turning of him; the fairy hideout is exposed and vulnerable to Russell after he kills the Elder. Pam takes the blame for killing Elijah; Pam, Sam, Luna and Emma are now at Authority headquarters; the runaway train that is episode 11 is hurtling toward the finale, which I’m sure will be a blood bath.

  4. Excellent episode.  Awesome acting by Stephen Moyer, we have seen Bill go from King on the run to Chancellor Compton, and SM has been riveting all season long.
    Bill will recover his old self eventually, but it will be brutal this last episode.  I can’t wait to see what Alan Ball has up his sleeve for us all.

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