True Blood Episode 5.09 Recap “Everybody Wants to Rule The World”

Below is a video recap of this week’s True Blood episode 5.09 showing us the hightlights that happened.

We now know who the vampire haters are and Sookie and Hoyt have been saved, but the blowing up of True Blood factories and what’s going on in the Authority and Bill has me worried alot. What about you?

source: HBO.COM

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  1. Scratching my head over this one. All kinds of things I didn’t like to see happening … Bill’s descent into Lilith-induced darkness, Emma’s being given to Steve, my positive memories of Bud Dearborn tarnished. I was rather surprised that the ifrit and hate group story lines wrapped as quickly as they did, all in one episode. Bang, bang … they were done. We barely met Sweetie and she’s out of the picture.   A re-watch may help me sort out my feelings but for now I am less than thrilled with this episode.
    I have to add that I giggled a bit over Sweetie’s attire … reds and pinks and fuzzy slippers.  So un-villain-like.

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