True Blood Clips: Faerie Problems, What Dreams May Come, Fresh Blood

billjessvideo3HBO has just released three new video clips for the upcoming episode 4 of True Blood Season 6, titled “At Last.”

The first video clip titled: “Faerie Problems” – we find Andy’s daughters going through a growth spurt and Bill and Jessica seem very interested in the girls, almost like they’re on a mission or something.


The next two clips don’t include Bill, but are with Jason and Ben and then, Willa and Eric.
“What Dreams May Come” – Jason is having similar dreams that Sam had in Season 3. Watch out Jason.

“Fresh Blood” – Willa asks Eric why he didn’t let her taste his blood when they were in the coffin.

source: HBO/TrueBlood on YouTube


  1. I LOVED all three videos! I have the wish to not be spoiled with
    these videos and have the episode be a complete surprise but not the
    WILL POWER to not watch them! lol.
    I think Ben is in Jason’s head and that does not bode well for Jason
    and makes Ben a definite evil….whatever or whoever he is, he’s not going
    to turn out well with his intentions. Jason is a “dog who don’t bark
    that way” so to have a dream like that is not from his subconscious imo.
    funny that he looked under the sheets just like he did with Sookie’s
    stuffed animal when he looked under it’s dress. he probably had a
    “e..c…n” like he did with all the V he drank and it scared him.
    Willa is a willing “pawn” for Eric and Eric’s face looked just like
    when he is planning to use her for his own designs….GOOD. let him use
    her even if he has to turn her, imo. she’s not good for anything else
    but she’s wishing for a vampire just like her mama did. i say take her
    and let Eric use her to save the vampires in any way he can.
    Those Fae girls of Andy’s are going to be used by Bill for the new
    Tru Blood and it’s their own fault for going out wearing Arlene’s
    clothes. They know it’s night and there are vamps around, they are just
    pawns for Bill to use also. If he can take just enough blood to have
    enough for the researchers and scientists to make a better Tru Blood
    drink without killing any of them, then I say go for it. If Andy is
    responsible for “making sure that at least half of them grow to
    adulthood” as Maurella said then we might lose two of them but to a
    greater cause. half or less is fine with me. They should have stayed
    inside the house. Andy should have made better precautions also, he
    knows they are popping out of their clothes overnight and should have
    had an alarm or something to keep them safe. He’s a cop, he’s trained
    about “security” but not about teens. they are pawns ready to be used.
    I am sensing a theme for episode four: Jason may be a pawn to be used
    for Ben/Warlow, Willa is a willing pawn for Eric, the Fae girls are
    pawns for Bill.

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