True Blood casting directors found “an old soul” in Stephen Moyer

an old soulIn casting Stephen Moyer as vampire Bill Compton the True Blood casting directors Libby Goldstein and Junie Lowry-Johnson searched for “an old soul with modern qualities.” Finding the right actor for a part, is not an easy job. Success is a result of skilled observations, grueling searches and just plain luck.

It was tricky,” says Lowry-Johnson. “We had to find someone in his 30s that you believed was 150 years old, and Steve had that quietness, that stillness, an older quality. You could believe that he had been alive for 150 years that he had lived many lives. The fact that he’s British may have helped. Americans seem very modern.”

Goldstein and Lowry-Johnson won the Emmy “Outstanding Casting For a Drama Series” last year for their casting on True Blood.



  1. I first read at The Vault. The casting directors definitely did good. Stephen is perfect as Bill Compton … so expressive with his eyes, face and body. His stillness can speak volumes. His slow and measured speech harkens back to an earlier time when men were mannered and courtly.

  2. There is definitely something about Stephen Moyer that is just so Bill Compton and I like the idea that he might be an “old soul”. People talk of reincarnation and I don’t know if I believe in it, but Stephen does seem to have an intuitive sense of how to act around people and how to make them feel at ease. While he is an actor and therefore, could be acting all the time when we see him, somehow I don’t think so. He just seems to have a presence that most men his age lack. I like thinking about the idea of an eternal soul within him, sounds fascinating.

    Oh, and the casting directors certainly earned their $ on casting Stephen as Bill Compton. I couldn’t think of a better person in the part! In fact, I don’t know of one cast member that wasn’t a good choice for their respective parts. Could any of us think of Tara without Rutina Wesley or Lafayette without Nelsan Ellis and Andy Bellefleur without Chris Bauer? Not me. Every single cast member was chosen to perfection!

    1. Well said Lynn! The casting directors knew a good thing when they saw it in Stephen being casted as Bill. And we’re glad they did!

  3. I read the books some time prior to TrueBlood and fell hopelessly in love with Bill. The casting for the role of Bill had to be right. Stephen has exceeded all my expectations and then some. He has embodied Bill as I envisioned him but better and that is saying something. Having heard Stephen discuss how he came to be cast, I think it was destiny. There is no one better suited to the role of Bill Compton. I don’t know if Stephen has an old soul but he seems to really understand and appreciate Bill. I shudder to think of someone else trying to portray my Bill. Stephen makes it look so effortless that I think we may sometimes forget how hard he works to magically bring Bill to life. Well as alive as a vampire can be.

  4. I read Dead Until Dark after seeing True Blood. I definitely think they improved on the description in the book in choosing Stephen. Who could be more handsome? He’s not only good looking but so good at looking. Nobody else can hold my attention so well when they are just sitting still and looking at someone or at the camera. It’s almost a shame when the spell is broken when he speaks. Almost. Because his voice is captivating too. I can hear Bill’s decades and decades of experience in it, rich and mellow.

  5. I agree totally with the last 2 posts. This is perfect casting (as Anna Paquin can attest), and we are lucky he read that script, even though he had decided to stay in England just before he got it.(Kudos to his agent for persuading him to read it too !)

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