True Blood: Bill Compton’s Couch On Display At Paley Center

Ever wish you could sit on the actual couch that once was the centerpiece of Bill Compton’s living room? Well, thanks to Warner Bros., you now can at the unbelievable Television Out of the Box exhibit.

The couch from the Compton House, was part of the set design used on True Blood seasons 1-3, prior to it’s renovation when Bill became King and it is on display at the at the Paley Center for Media in Beverly Hills. The couch contains stains (look closely!) from the remains of the Vampire Queen of Louisiana, Sophie Anne Leclerq.

The couch as it appeared on set.


couch on display at the Paley Center in Beverly Hills, CA.



  1. It would be a real treat to see Vampire Bill’s couch up close and personal.  It would be even better if Bill was sitting on it. 

  2. I wonder where is his old bed? You know, the one with four poles .. It was so beautiful, I want that bed .. lol ..

  3. I think we all are a little sentimentally attached to Bill’s red couch and his home prior to the fabulus makeover.  I bet Mrs. Bushy-Smallwood retains her fantasy about Bill taking her like a pirate gentle but not too gentle over that couch.  :)

    1.  @Willkill4Bill
       Mrs. Smallwood (nee Bushy)  Wow, almost forgot about her!   LMAO!    She was so hot for Bill.
      Whatever happened to that ring?

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