True Blood and Stephen Moyer Featured in this week’s TV Guide

True Blood is featured in this week’s TV Guide Magazine in the SciFi section.  Here’s the first scan we could get of the article.  If we get a better copy we will replace it.

Stephen Moyer talks about Bill in the first episode coping with his new powers.  He discusses his directing and how he enjoys having scenes with Bill’s progeny, Jessica.

Click on the image to see it larger.




  1. Thanks for providing. Feels like an action movie, with a tense beginning. A
    continuation of last season’s finale … a Bill and Jessica scene. Sounds
    good to me.

  2. I wonder what’s going on in that Bill/Lillith scene? And yay for Bill and Jessica! I’m sure Steve did an amazing job with the premiere, I can’t wait to see it.

  3. Thanks for posting; just love him, everything I want to hear for TB:
    – staying with the vampires
    -stay with one story and not jumping around.
    -Happy to hear Bill and Jessica not at odds too.
    Looking forward to the season premier
    directed by Steve it will be epic.

  4. What a great interview.  Stephen is just perfect in his comments:  Thanking TB and HBO for this directing opportunity;  giving hints to the s/l without giving any details away;  letting us know we’ll see Bill and Jessica together;  and that the first episode will stay with the vampires.   This alone has me even more excited for June 16th!

    Stephen saying that the twins go where Anna goes just adds to that lovely warm feeling we all have for “The Moya” and his family…sigh!

  5. Great interview!  Love his comment of staying with one story (vampires) and not jumping around.  More excited than ever for June 16.

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