Trivia Time: Did you know that Stephen Moyer…

For our continuously growing Facebook following, almost 6300 Stephen Moyer fans, I have been posting a daily trivia about our man. With the help of Lynnpd’s excellent bio page and my photographic memory for useless information, I posted quite a few Stephen facts that were unknown to the newer fans or those who have a life outside the fandom.

You might be shocked to hear that there are still people out there who don’t have a Facebook account, for those 2 peeps I’ll post an overview of the Trivia published on the Facebook page.

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Trivia Time: Did you know that…….

Did you know that Stephen’s favorite football team is West Ham United in London?

Did you know that Stephen Moyer sang in the church choir as a child? He even carried the cross when be became head chorister.

Did you know that Stephen is a big fan of boxing? He and Anna went to Las Vegas several times to watch a boxing match.

Did you know that Bill Compton is not Stephen’s first role as a war veteran? He played WWI veteran Stephen Bannerman in The Grand.

Did you know that Stephen likes to play scrabble with his friends on his iPhone?

Did you know that Stephen plays the ukulele? According to Anna, his performance of Jeff Buckley’s version of Hallelujah is legendary…. we are still hoping for a recording to surface…!

Did you know that one of Stephen’s favorite TV shows is Breaking Bad? He watched all the episodes several times.

Did you know that Stephen and Anna had their first date at a sushi restaurant in Los Angeles?

Bill visited a strip club in season 3… for Stephen this wasn’t the first time he professionally hung out in such a place. As Jason in Men Only he visited a strip club and a brothel.

Did you know that Stephen wore purple socks at his wedding?

Did you know that Stephen’s real last name is Emery? He took the stage name Moyer because there was already an actor with the name Stephen Emery registered at the Actor’s Equity. Note that Moyer is almost an anagram of Emery.

Did you know that during his twenties Stephen lived on a purple houseboat in London’s Little Venice? That might be an odd color for a boat, but just google London’s little Venice and you’ll see that it blended right in.

Did you know that Stephen bought his purple houseboat with the money he made with a Swedish coffee commercial?

Did you know that Stephen is an amateur photographer and he keeps photo diaries of all the places he visits?

Did you know that Stephen wore a wig in Princess of Thieves and Cadfael?

trivia time

Did you know that Stephen suggested to Alan Ball that Bill could be interested in different styles of music? Alan translated this into Tuvan throat singing. That was the last time Stephen made a suggestion.

Did you know that in the late 80’s Stephen was the singer in a rock band called Prophecy?

Did you know that in preparation for “Restraint” Stephen visited an agoraphobic as part of his research for the part?

Did you know that Stephen gave Banjo to Anna for her 2009 birthday? He got Banjo at the Good Dog Animal Rescue in Los Angeles.

Did you know that Stephen and Anna gave “True Blood the porn version” to the cast and crew as a season wrap gift?


  1. I am one of those peeps without a Facebook page. Yes, I freely admit it. Thanks for the Stephen Trivia treats, Shad. Most of these I knew. However, I love making new Stephen discoveries and seeing them all in one place. Kudos to both you and Lynn.

    1. Yes Rowena, you are 1 of the 2 Billsbabes that don’t have Facebook. But I imagined you would know most of these trivia since you belong to the group who doesn’t have a life outside the fandom… bbwhwhhwhahahahhaa right there with ya, girlfriend!

  2. I don’t do Facebook either; guess I’m too Old School for that. (And from what I’ve read, Steve isn’t on Facebook either). And yet I could have answered every single one of those Moyer trivia questions. (Talk about not having a life).
    As an aside, I highly recommend the recent film, “The Social Network”, about the founding of Facebook; it’s a fascinating movie.

      1. Wow, i didn’t know that, but i would definitely add him to my list. I knew most stuff from the trivia, but i wonder how it was found out about the purple socks on his wedding.

  3. I know several things about Stephen, but I did not know

    – He plays the ukulele
    – He bought a boat purple!
    – that Stephen likes to play scrabble with his friends on his iPhone

    Che uomo..adorabile =)

  4. Pardon me for bragging, but I already knew almost the whole list. I did not know his houseboat was purple.

    I also know that he had “Kashmir” playing for his entrance at the wedding. (At least I read that.)

    1. Iam, I love a man who is not afraid to walk down the aisle to a Led Zeppelin song. Well done, Steve. No wonder we are all mad about you!

  5. Darlings, I have to admit that I already knew all this stuff, but it’s great to see it in one place, as I have picked it up from scattered sites. I would pay big money to have a recording of Steve singing my fellow Canadian Leonard Cohen’s brilliant song, “Hallelujah.” Jeff Buckley’s version is one of many, and tragically he died young. I have to say that thus far, my favourite one is the incomparable kd lang’s. Check it out on YouTube. She has an amazing voice. Thanks for posting this list, Shad.

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