Total amount raised for Billsbabes Day 2013 revealed

bbdaythumbWith the current harsh economic climate we didn’t expect to raise as much with Billsbabes Day 2013 as we did with last year’s event, nevertheless a substantial amount of money was raised for Brentwood Theatre.

We did the math together with Mark Reed of Brentwood Theatre and we are very happy to announce that $1200 were raised in support of the Stephen Moyer Kids Theatre Fund!

Thank you all so much for participating, buying and donating!

Mark Reed told us that he is overwelmed by the generosity of the donations:

On Saturday, all around the world, the amazing, wonderful and kind BillsBabes ran a fundraising event for us, to support Kids Theatre shows here. In recent years, they have been very kind and have made a real difference to what we can do here.

This weekend, they raised over USD1,200 and we are so grateful. Through auctions, craft work, paintings, signed DVDs etc etc they raised all that money, which is really great.

The money that we raise through BillsBabes is spent on developing our Kids Theatre, and your donation has been earmarked for Hansel & Gretel which is already on sale for this December.  Without the backing of the BillsBabes over the past couple of years, it would have been nearly impossible to have kept our Christmas shows going, so we are very grateful.


  1. Kudos and “well done” to the Billsbabes.  There may be others like me who plan on contributing but have to wait until the beginning of the month.  Glad to hear that the money raised will be going toward the children’s theatre production of “Hansel and Gretel.”

  2. I’m sorry i couldn’t participate this year, but I’m thrilled with the success of the fundraising.   Hopefully I can make a donation at a later date.  Congratulations to all Billsbabes!

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