Times for the airing of the Toyota Pro/Celebrity Grand Prix

Euro RSCG Worldwide PR-NY, the publicity firm handling the promotion for the Toyota Pro/Celebrity Grand Prix has informed AllStephenMoyer of the air dates and times for the race.

Toyota Pro/Celebrity Grand PrixAnd, that’s not all fans, they also told us to look for some footage and an interview with Stephen.

The race will be aired on the Speed channel at the following times.

Please note all these dates are EST.

  • Toyota Pro/Celeb Race Premiere – 5/1 3:00 PM
  • Toyota Pro/Celeb Replay – 5/1 2:00 AM
  • Toyota Pro/Celeb Replay – 5/3 8:00 PM
  • Toyota Pro/Celeb Replay – 5/4 8:00 AM
  • Toyota Pro/Celeb Replay – 5/22 4:00 PM
  • Toyota Pro/Celeb Replay – 5/24 2:30 PM

So, even though Stephen was unable to race, we will still see him in their footage to be broadcast.

source: Euro RSCG Worldwide PR-NY


  1. Thanks for providing, Lynn. Some footage and an interview with Stephen. That sounds very promising. Sad to say, we don’t get that channel. I’m hoping someone will be able to snag the Stephen parts for those of us who can’t watch.

  2. Hope they will show it on MotorsTV or one of the other UK sports channels too, really loved following Stephen through all the ups and downs of the training and race weekend.
    Just added a donation to Facing the Atlantic as a little thanks for all the fun I’ve had.

  3. Just called my cable company to check to see if I have Speed. I was able to add the channel and getter a better bundle with a lot of extra channels. Looking forward to seeing the race coverage.

  4. I didn’t even know I had the SPEED channel until I looked for it because of the race. So now I will definitely tune in to see Stephen. Do you think they will show the car “flip” footage? I’ve already seen it here, so the “scare” factor won’t be as bad. But it was harrowing there for a minute!

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