“It’s time” – Bill Compton!

This post helps us to remember the beauty of True Blood. There was a lot of gore, sex, violence and more in True Blood, but there was also much love shown throughout the seven seasons.  For us Bill fans, the love that Bill and Sookie shared was by far the most lovely and poignant.

We still can’t believe that the vampire that we all adore, Bill Compton is no more. Stephen Moyer was probably the best Bill Compton there was or will ever be and the character will be very missed. Even though we don’t agree with the fact of his death or the means by which died, we will always remember him and how much we enjoyed True Blood.

Below is a photo released by HBO that pretty much says it all about the finale episode for Bill.


To remember Bill in our hearts, we provide this fan made video which pretty much sums up Bill’s journey in the final season of True Blood. We know it may be difficult for the true Bill fans to watch, but we all need to mourn and we thought that this might help some to get through the sadness of his passing.

source: video by vesita on YouTube.com


  1. Omg I just watched the last ep , so sad lots of tears , but I loved each and every season sad there will.be no more true blood loved all the characters xxxx

  2. No thanks. My heart has been broken and “wrenched” enough. I have tried rewatching some of the shows but it is just too sad now that I know there is no happy ending.

  3. I know exactly what you mean. I loved all the drama over the years but in the end I did not expect to be left feeling so sad and empty.

  4. Watched today the last episode! Bill and Sookie had the true love! It was deeply sad, but he became more human than never! I will miss all of characters! True Blood to the end

  5. They left too many loose ends through 7 seasons. I wanted to SEE holly and andy get married, arlene and the vamp take things further. Sookies man, how she wld be as a mother, if her baby would be fae, alrenes kids weren’t in the last episode at all. And I wanted to see how emma was doing with her grandma since she isn’t with sam and luna is dead :'(

  6. I do not agree with the need to kill off Bill Compton or the method
    used to accomplish that … but I so appreciate the images of Bill and
    Sookie.  They recalled happier times in seasons past when their love
    blossomed and grew in depth and passion.  Beautiful video.  Thank you, vesita and ASM.

  7. I cried! This was a great tribute to Bill and Sookie’s love. I have to say that I always wanted a good ending to True Blood. I didn’t get it.. Her love wasn’t enough to keep him with her. He was the love of her life! I’m still sad

  8. Just wanted to cry all over again. Beautifully made video, it shows so much of the love the characters had for each other. Sad that they killed Bill off and that there is no more TrueBlood.

  9. I always wanted Bill and Sookie together and at the end when she could finally hear his thoughts I was hoping he would live for her

  10. I  hope in time I can erase the memory of that dismal  finale. I will never forgive Bill’s unnecessary and nonsensical death. Having  said that…
    It is lovely to revisit  the heart and soul of the show , Bill and  Sookie.,the romance and  their love story.
    Bill Compton the quintessential southern gentleman /  lover / vampire /  tragic hero / sexy beast …  

    Thanks for posting these lovely reminders..

  11. I’m still speechless and sad. Was hoping for Bill end up with Sookie in the end and live happily forever and after, instead he’s dead :-(

  12. SPOILER ALERT!! The ending between these two was so brutal and absolutely made me stop breathing for a sec. Then yell WTF!! Then get kinda mad! The end!

  13. In tears as I type this lol I cried for 45 min the First time I watched the ending . I guess I will cry for another 45 min after watching this. This was a beautiful Tribute to Bill. I will always be a Vampire Bill Fan even tho TB is over. My heart will hurt for a long time. Feel like I lost alot of Good Friends.

  14. I will always follow this man and of course his lovely wife just think that before he got the Trueblood job he was going to quit acting cuz he had been trying one more time and his world opened up for more and better things this man is Sheila talented and gorgeous and his wife is a very lucky woman

  15. I will miss watching true blood I really enjoyed it so much that I will be getting the full seven seasons on DVD so I can enjoy it over and over again Stephen and Anna well done to you guys for a perfect programme and hope that you make many more

  16. Absurd the series finale, he could never die, a sad day for anyone who saw the show with all expectations of the sensational end of the two end … I want to end with the two other

  17. The ending was bad, we live in world without happy endings then when we watch these series of fictions expect happy endings. They were perfect together, both who are married in real life. It is a great ending for the fans. This show had everything to have the perfect end, most were lost at the end of it. It was not to end up even more so … Sad !!!

  18. Broke my heart watching the last ever episode. Poor delivery guy this morning must of thought I’d lost the plot today. (:(: heartbrokenx

  19. Perfect ending: because of his selfless love, Bill is reincarnated into an adult & Sookie is carrying his child! Now that’s what I call a happy ending!

  20. It’s been two weeks and I’m still heartbroken. I agree that the heart of True Blood was the love story of Bill and Sookie, which makes it hurt even more. I will never stop loving Bill.

  21. I pray that they are in TRUE LOVE like in this show and will be together for ever!!!!! Please treat each other wonderful and don’t let ANYTHING or ANYONE try to pry to apart. You guy’s look so perfect together!

  22. I’m not sure what I will do with my Monday nights now that True Blood has finished in the UK. No more Bill and Sookie.I was glad that Sookie finally could hear Bills thoughts before he met his true death.

  23. I saw the love story through the years and as hard as it was to let her love go somehow I think that she knew he was right in what he wanted for her and it was the only way. Thank you for the emotion and compassion you gave us through the 7 years. It gave it that true love… We watched from the first episode.

  24. Thought the family seen at the end was the most touching ending fans could have asked for and that we knew all the ppl we grew to love were safe and happy.

  25. That was the saddest scene I have ever seen on True Blood. I broke my heart to see her have to kill the man she has always loved. Hell it’s making me cry thinking and typing..

  26. Am I the only one who DIDN’T mind the ending? Sure, it was sad, but as much as I adored Sookie and Bill as a couple, and although I wept an Olympic swimming pool upon reaching the end of the episode, I expected nothing less of a True Blood climax. I did, however, expect a “universal” ending to close all the side stories the show focused so much on throughout the rest of the series; after all the time that was put into them, it only makes sense. I s’pose that’s where people have a beef with this….
    Now, as an EPISODE, this was very, VERY well done (in my opinion), as it sends a healing message about love and loss. Imagine yourself in Sookie’s position: being forced to “play the part of God” when your significant other, the second half to your soul, begs you to end his or her life and suffering. That’s about as extreme as it gets, and she still manages to find love and peace in the end. Conclusions? 1) Things could ALWAYS be worse than they are right now. 2) A broken heart, regardless of how it broke, will surely mend itself if given time.
    Well done, True Blood.

  27. Can’t watch this. Couldn’t Bill just rise up out of the puddle of blood but as a human this time? Maybe he did after the cameras stopped rolling :)

  28. I so enjoy watching videos dedicated to Bill Compton and this one is especially well done though towards the end very much too to the point — ouch! It still hurts seeing Bill go. Thank you for sharing your talents vesita.

  29. I thought it mean that they teased the viewers who have loved this show for so long, that bill might be made human or sookie might be turned vampire….and since when is assisted suicide a noble and admirable way to go?? Really; even for a vampire, pretty low, in my book. I was a fan of this show from the beginning, but for it to go out like this….oh well, at least I can cancel HBO now and save some $..:(

  30. I just can’t believe they made Anna kill her husband lol. I went through that entire episode convinced that he would be okay. Sometimes, my optimism hurts my feelings.

  31. What an incredibly beautiful video.  I cried through the whole thing, but the words “goodbye my lover” put me over the top.  I would not think that a tv show about vampires could move me so much, a testament to the incredible acting that made us believe in the characters.  I hope that Stephen and Anna get to see this video.  Thank you to vesita for the video and thank you to Stephen and Anna for 7 extraordinary years.

  32. I love knowing that you found each other on this show and are truly together!!!! Finding the love of your life is an amazing experience!

  33. Why didn’t Eric and Pam kill the japs sooner if it was so easy? How did Eric get saved 2 years ago when he burst into flames? That was never explained

  34. I fully agree with you … Bullshit be over that way, he has to rise again and return the most intense show, do not believe that the writer has not thought of something bette

  35. I was so unhappy with the ending, but I have gotten better at accepting the way that it ended.  I can see that for the series to end, there had to be a true ending.  If Bill and Sookie ended up together as vampire and fae, how would that be any different than the other times they got back together?  They could just as easily break up again.  As much as Bill has tried to control his vampire ways, he has never been completely successful. 
    Some have suggested that Sookie make Bill human, but it was never even hinted at in previous episodes that Sookie had that power.  I think it would be totally wrong for the writers to throw in something like that at the end that had not previously been a part of the series. 
    I can see why Bill no longer wanted to be this terrible thing that he despised.  He had no way of knowing that he wouldn’t hurt Sookie or anyone else again.  He felt tremendous guilt for all the things that he had done.  That is totally in keeping with the character of Bill Compton, who was such a man of honor. 
    I still wish it had a happy ending, but I do understand why they ended it the way that they did.

  36. Something I found interesting was in an interview that EJ Scott did with Brian Buckner, after the show ended.  It seems most of the criticism Brian was getting was that the ending was not a giant blood bath. He had to defend himself on the idea that they wanted the final season to be character and relationship driven.  I guess on this site, there are a lot of romantics.  I certainly admit to being one.  If anyone is interested in listening to the interview, just a heads up, it is really long (over 2 hours) and talks a lot about his growing up and shows he worked on prior to True Blood.  I thought it was interesting, the behind the scenes stuff on TB and the writers’ thought processes for seasons 6 & 7.  I don’t have a link, just google EJ Scott Brian Buckner.

  37. I never thought that I could be so touched by a simple show but true blood left a huge impact on my life and I will never forget it I grew to love every character and hope to see them again soon continuing wit their careers #riptrueblood #truetotheend #trubieforlife

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