The winners of the If You Like True Blood… book have been chosen.

winnersIfyoulikeTBBookgiveawaysqyarevaultThe winners of the If You Like True Blood… book have been chosen.  

We chose a total of six winners, three winners from the comments posted on, The Vault – and three from We had some really interesting comments, but we felt that these six represented the best of the bunch.

We want to thank everyone who participated and we’ll be contacting the winners today to ask them to send us their addresses. If you’re a winner, be sure to check your email inbox for our notification that you’ve won.

The winners are listed below. Congratulations!


Vampires are fascinating and almost hypnotic because of their freedom to live forever! So many decisions in life are based upon consequences and fear. If there was no fear of death and unlimited time on Earth to experience anything and everything…wow it would be FANGTASTIC. The possibilities are endless.


The sex appeal of course!


What fascinates me about vampires?  the vampire is a story/myth/legend as old as written history. It is found even in Native American cultures, South American cultures, all thru African stories, there is always some story about a form of a night walker or blood sucker or “life force” stealer. they are called by different names but history has always had some sort of an eternal, immortal and feared being that stays alive by stealing from the living. Immortality is a fascinating idea and makes me wonder if it is truly as exciting or wonderful as most stories make it seem. Vampires in our culture seem to be so strong, never sick, able to heal others, makes others like them, it’s an idea for dreams and with it comes true escapism from reality. I have loved vampire stories since the actors Christopher Lee, Brad Pitt, THE HUNGER (which i loved!) and others made the Vampire truly scary strong and yet immortal. To stop the aging and overcome Time is such great fantasy it is always a good story. I too wish I could be young, beautiful, strong and live forever just like all humans do deep down inside. It would be hard to watch all you love grow old, change and die. The price for the fantasy is high, but for wishful thinking it is simply the best story ever for humans to dream of. That’s why it fascinates me and nearly everyone who hears it. Immortal Youth, Strength, freedom from sickness and worry.  This book sounds like an awesome collection of these stories and I really want to read it!


I have been fascinated with Vampires when I first saw Bill Compton walk into Merlotte’s. He has a mysterious air about him, Bill epitomizes Southern Old World charm, and oozes sex appeal, especially his sideburns, very Elvis like! Vampires are dangerously dark, strong, can live forever, their justice is swift, and sex is fantastic, what’s not to love. Were it not for that very first scene played brilliantly by Stephen Moyer True Blood would be just another show to me. Because of Vampire Bill, I am now completely and obsessively hooked on Vampire Bill and the other Vamps in Bon Temps!

Mary James

What fascinates me about Vampires? I have been fascinated about Vampires, since a small child. The old black & white movies featuring Bela Lugosi. The Twilight books & movies, were intriguing. True Blood has been for me, the most “True to Form”. In the Twilight films, showed Vampires able to be in Sun Light…and shine like shimmering glitter. Entertaining, yes. However, contradicts the whole Vampire persona. True Blood, in my opinion, has been and is the most true to form. Some of the most fascinating to me are: the Archaic structure; “Authority” to include: Kings, Queens, and Sheriffs. True Blood Vampires are the only ones, in mortal’s time that keep the genre ringing true. Personally, I like the ideology of Vampires: Healing, Living Forever, Super Powers (over mere humans), Unrelenting Sex, the ability of Flight, the ability to “Glamor”, choosing who and why Vampires selects their protege, and the ability to blend into their current generation of humans. The most realistic portrayal of Vampires since the old black and white films.


What fascinates you about vampires? It would be easier for me to list what doesn’t. I personally love the more feral vampire, the vampire that enjoys what they are and isn’t looking to change. For me I find the idea of immortality and having to adapt to so many changes amazing. I adore that the thrill of the feed can be sexual or disastrous and that there is always that danger lurking just beneath the surface. I am fascinated by the various histories and lore that emerges from so many different cultures and countries that make me wonder if somewhere these beautiful, tragic creatures do not have to, at least in some part, be based in fact. V””V


  1. WHOO HOO! I AM SO JAZZED! I really thought that some others were so much better than my post, all the entries were just so great! 
    CONGRATS TO THE OTHER WINNERS TOO! I cannot wait for the book!

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