The Winners of the True Blood Volume 4 Music CD

winners-Music-CD-winners-giveawaysqyarevaultThe winners of the True Blood Volume 4 Music CD have been chosen.  

We chose two winners from the comments posted on each of our websites, The Vault – and two from We had some really interesting comments, but we felt that these four represented the best of the bunch. However, we wish that we had more than four (4) CD’s to giveaway since there were more than four that made our list of finalists.

We want to thank everyone who participated and we’ll be contacting the winners today to ask them to send us their addresses.

The winners are listed below.  Congratulations!

Andre wrote:

Tru blood’s music is awesome because it’s always fresh, juicy and with that extra kick that makes you wanna do bad things with it. ^^

Adelina wrote:

I love it because it makes me feel oh so sexy!

Rowena75 wrote

I love True Blood music because it so memorably undergirds each episode … it tickles my senses, enhances a scene or an action sequence, teases me with its longing or passion, hammers me with the ferocity of its eloquence. The music is such a vital and integral part of the show that I believe it to be another character in the True Blood landscape.

Melody Gonzales wrote

I love True Blood music because it makes me want to wander the streets of Louisiana and bust out with my Contra Dancing moves


  1. I am thrilled and delighted to be a winner.  Thank you so much!  And congratulations to Melody, Andre and Adelina.

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