The Vault website is “Going to Ground”

This site was born in 2009, a year after our True Blood sister site, The opened. While AllStephenMoyer has provided us a place to focus on our favorite actor, Stephen Moyer, our sister site “The Vault –  has always served the True Blood fans providing all the latest news, interviews, event coverage, etc. for the HBO blockbuster!

Since it’s now been a year since True Blood ended it’s seven season run, with the last episode airing on 8/24/14, we have decided that after having posted over 10,000 posts, conducted more than 50 interviews, attended countless events about the show and it’s cast and raised nearly $60,000 for charity, it’s time to let the Vault – “go to ground. Therefore, we are today announcing that we will will longer do regular posting on the Vault. However, we do reserve the right to post any monumental news about True Blood that may come to fruition, but for now, it will stay online and serve as an archive for the fans. Our Vault Twitter and Facebook accounts WILL REMAIN ACTIVE!

While it is with mixed emotions that we close down “The Vault,” we are thrilled to continue our quest on this site to bring you all things Stephen Moyer. Expect to see even more exciting news, photos, information, etc. about Stephen’s life and career including everything about his new TV series, “The Bastard Executioner” which begins on September 15, 2015. 

Say “Bye!” to The Vault by leaving a comment at this link HERE, we’d love to hear from you!



  1. Following is the comment I left at The Vault:

    understand your decision, but will miss you terribly.  The Vault is the
    first site I go to when I log on each day.  And I visit multiple
    forums.  I’m glad to know the site will remain as a True Blood archive,
    and that you will be posting TB news that you deem important.

    and Lynn, thank you for this amazing ride, for your dedication and
    devotion to True Blood, for your hard work.  Bless you both.  You’ve
    served the show, cast, crew and production staff, and the fans so very

    I can’t bring myself to say “goodbye.”  I’ll settle for “see ya’.”  *hugs*”

    I will be following AllSteve with joy and eagerness, and look forward to all the news, videos, photos and information about Stephen that you will provide for us fans.  Bless you both!

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