The Struckers reunite during The Gifted episode S02E10 – “eneMy of My eneMy”

We saw the Strucker’s reunite during last night’s episode of The Gifted Season 2 Episode 10 titled, “eneMy of My eneMy” even if it was not permanent. The reunion of the Strucker family made this episode a good one for me. They are the root of this series and their union is important. Unfortunately, that union didn’t last too long, since Andy left at the end of the episode. However, I will guess that he will return to his family by the end of the series.

Below are a few screenshots from the episode:

Struckers reunite

What did you think of this episode? Are you excited for by the Strucker reunion?

The Gifted returns next Tuesday night January 7th at 9pm on Fox with the eleventh episode of Season 2 titled, “meMento.”



  1. This episode definitely held my interest. I was happy to see John freed; also Lorna and Andy pitching in to do their part. I was glad of the reunion but wish Caitlin and Reed had a greater part to play.

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