The Saga of the Naughty Billsbabe “Bite Me Bill Thong”

In last year’s Stephen Moyer Theatre Fundraiser, the Bite Me Bill thong was the #1 prize awarded for the very best naughty brick on the Stephen Moyer Wall.

The thong was awarded to Billsbabe, Shiver for the saying she added to her virtual brick, as seen below:

At end of the fundraiser, we mailed the “thong” to her in Pittsburgh. However, the saga doesn’t end there:

At PaleyFest 2011, last Saturday, March 5, Shiver, who had brought it with her on her trip to attend the event from Pittsburgh to Los Angeles, went up to the stage after the event (like everyone else did) to get Stephen to sign the garment, yet again. The image below represents his reaction when he saw it for a second time.

Last June, Stephen met with Shad and me for a signing session of all the many items we had collected to help raise funds for Brentwood Theatre, of which he is patron. During the signing event, when he saw the thong, he laughed and we all had a lot of fun joking around with it.  Below are some images from that event, showing Stephen playing around with what he called, “the knickers“.

When Shiver handed him the thong, Saturday night at the PaleyFest, I heard him say, “Do you want me to sign it again?  Were you the winner?” Shiver replied, “Yes” to both questions.

The photo above represents Stephen’s reaction when
Shiver asked him to sign the item, yet again.

And, here he is returning the item to it’s owner after signing it.

She also got a photo with Stephen after he signed the thong, amidst the “crush” at the stage which can be seen below:

Shiver with Stephen Moyer and her “Bite Me Bill”, knickers (thong)

The thong is now safely back in it’s plastic wrapping and flew with Shiver back home yesterday.

I’d say that was a successful Billsbabe adventure, wouldn’t you?

The “re-signed” knickers

Thanks to Billsbabe Bills4Me for the great photos of Stephen on stage signing and to ThelLou for the image of Shiver and Steve.


    1. OMG I see it! That is how tight it was at the stage…elbows, twisted bodies…omg it was a mob scene

  1. Yea, Shiver! Delightful story and pics. Let’s hear it for the well-traveled and twice-signed knickers. I love Stephen’s reaction when he first sees the thong.

    Big thanks to Bills4me and Lynn for the pictures.

  2. Wonderful story. The look on Stephen’s face when you he saw the ladies knickers the first time was priceless and the second time was just as priceless. He must think that thing has boomerang powers… it keeps coming back to him !

  3. OMG, what fun!
    Wonder if he will talk about it for Anna: “Anna you can never believe what happened” These thong will be popular …
    Shiver, he knows what you have been written, for the tile? Have you had time to tell him?

  4. So funny Shiver. Wonder if he thinks you always travel with them? As in never leave home without them. LOL
    I am so happy he resigned them for you.

  5. UGGGGHHHH…What an awful picture of me, that angle…I’ll have to ignore that & concentrate on having been so close to Stephen, and really, how cute is he? As those that were there can attest, it was complete & utter madness by that stage & it was every person for themselves. I’m thrilled he recognized the thong instantly & really was amused to see it again. He really is such a sweetheart.
    Thanks Bills4me for capturing the moment. I’m hoping they’ll be a chance for another photo next year! :-)

    1. Shiver, that thong has magical powers! Glad you had a great time and got to meet Stephen up close and personal. You can never take an awful picture, gf, you’re beautiful!

    2. Shiver I have seen better pictures of you but adding to what only said you are beautiful inside and out. So happy you got that close to Stephen and got him to sign the thong again. :)

  6. G/F you’ve hit the big time now! The infamous thong just keeps popping up…congrats on getting SM to sign it, once again, and the photos are great. I don’t know how you managed to get close enough to him, considering the mob… must have sharp elbows! I told you that file would come in handy! Love it!

  7. Wait a second….I have to finish laughing….Holy crap, shiver, they’re crushing you! Mission accomplished! Next time you ask him to sign something, see if you can have it done, just the two of you, OK?

  8. Anita!! that is not a horrible pic of you. It’s adorable!!! I still think what he was trying to write on that thong was that he liked your ta ta’s *grins* You were so lucky to get a pic w/him — that place was a freakin’ madhouse. I’m just happy I got my hug from him later on outside.
    fun times with my chica’s!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Best story ever! I’m still smiling. The stage must have been madness. My re-read is just as much fun as the first time around.

    Shiver, you look appropriately in awe-transfixed-unbelieving. It’s a wonderful picture of you.

  10. Thanks evreyone for your kind comments and thank-you Lynn for writing up this piece!It certainly was a memorable night! :-)

  11. Shiver/Anita – Stephen’s reaction to seeing the thong again was priceless! I’d say you definitely made an impression, and I’m so glad that you were able to have him sign it in person and take a pic with him too. It was so great meeting you!

  12. Hi Anita/Shiver…it was great meeting you as well. I feel like I contributed to the thong “re-signing”; I had brought my Season I DVD collection to Paley to get it signed, and had just handed it to Steve. He used it as the hard surface to sign the aforementioned thong, although I heard him say he really needed Lynn’s “stretching” of the item to properly sign it. Sounds like they have some team-work going there. Love your picture with Steve.

    1. Well didn’t that just work out perfectly? :-)It really was a team effort that night! All the Billsbabes had to look out for one another amongst the throngs of people crashing the stage. I’m assuming he signed your DVDs as well…what a sweetheart!

  13. This is one of the funniest and adorable stories I’ve read in a long time. Shiver and the Thong are now famous! Stephen is awesome for having some fun with it at Lynn’s and at Paley. The pics are great, and I thank you Babes for putting this story together and sharing it with those who couldn’t attend.

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