The plot thickens in new episode of ‘Jan’

plot thickens

It’s hard to believe that there are only 2 more episodes left of ‘Jan’. Can we have a sequel, please?

While Gery is probably taking care of his nose somewhere out of range of the cameras, the plot thickens when Robbie and Vanessa’s past is revealed and what’s up with Mel and Chase?

Jan”: Episode 13 of 15 — “Trust“:
Jan goes for the gold and we watch Robbie and Vanessa interact, alone.

Jan” Behind-The-Scenes 11 of 12: “The Composer
One-man orchestra Bob Reynolds tells us how he single-handedly composed the music heard in “Jan.”

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  1. Wild goose “Chase” (pun intended) for Jan.  Hopefully, she can at least trust Vanessa, but who knows.  I’m at the point where the only characters I trust are Jan and Gery. So Robbie and Vanessa had a thing at some point in time.  Jan needs a new job and a new set of friends.   And what is going on with Mel and Chase?
    Thanks for the BTS.  Most interesting, and Mr. Reynolds is very easy on the eyes. 

  2. An interesting transitional episode. What’s up with Vanessa; was that just a drunken weak moment or is she an envious bad friend? IDK ; confusion as with the Chase, Mel situation. Hopefully the next episode will bring more clarity, perhaps Gery can come to the rescue……

  3. Robbie is a master manipulator.  he is doing wrong but managed to make Vanessa feel guilty.  pls tell me that he gets his comeuppance!
    Don’t you wish that you could put the tape on << reverse and pretend that you didnt see what you just saw Jan?

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